Classic Accessories Rear Rack Hard-Sided Cargo Bag Review

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Review of the Classic Accessories Rear Rack Hard-Sided Cargo Bag

Today we are going to show you the Classic Accessoriess Armor X Rear Rack Case in AP HD camouflage, part number 052963781663. The Armor X Rack Cases are a hard side cargo management system for use on the top of your ATVs rack. All you have to do is set the case on the rack and attach it with the straps on the underside. :21

On the front are two large compartments that are expandable, and will cover the rest of your rack. The main compartment is secured with a side buckle latch and a magnetic strap all the way around the lid. Inside the main compartment there are two hard dividers and two soft foam padded dividers. This way you can customize the case and set it up however you need it. Also included with the case is a removable, insulated 12 can cooler with velcro strips on the front and back that will attach to the walls of the case. On top of the lip are three side buckle adjustable straps that are prefect for carrying anything long. From a rifle,a shotgun, to shovel. The Armor X Cases are a great way to transport and organize your gear safely on an ATV.

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