Classic Accessories ATV Rear Rack Organizer Review

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Review of the Classic Accessories ATV Rear Rack Organizer

Today we are going to show you the Classic Accessories ATV rear rack organizer in black, part number 052963785173. Lay the organizer on the rear rack of your ATV, position it on the rack where you need it and take the 6 adjustable straps and attach it to the rear rack. This rear rack organizer features a large rear compartment with cargo tension straps and removable divider. Once you have the organizer strapped down, you can begin setting it up according to your needs. :45

The front compartments have padded sides and a mesh pocket to help keep all your small items organized. On the face of these compartments is a small flat pocket. The front compartments, as well as the cooler, feature a rubber covering over the zippers to help keep moisture out. In the center is our removable 12 can cooler. There are two side release buckles on either side of the cooler, so you can remove it if it is not needed. With the cooler removed we have additional mesh pockets on the organizer. 1:22

On the exterior of the lid is a stretchable singe cord that will help you secure long items on top if the bag itself. On the back of the main compartment are two small zipper pockets. The main compartment itself has double zipper access and a flap that folds over the zipper to help keep moisture out. Inside the main compartment is a removable velcro pad divider and pads for the end of the bag. On top of the lid are two zipper mesh compartments. The rear rack organizer is a great way to provide plenty of storage space and organization for whatever you need to carry with you on the trail. The organizer is also available in AP HD camouflage part number 052963785166.

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