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Putco Nitro Blue Halogen Headlight Bulbs Installation

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How to Install the Putco Nitro Blue Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Today we are going to be installing the Putco Nitro Blue Halogen Bulb, part number P239006NB, on a 2002 GMC Envoy. The first step in installing the new halogen will be taking out the headlight assembly. What you want to do is pull up on these two metal tabs. Then, you have to move it back and forth. Just rock it a little bit to pull the assembly out. We have pulled back the headlight assembly but we can not fully pull it out until we disconnect the wires. So we are going to go ahead and do it with the lift side first with this headlight. And this will be the only part that you actually need a tool for. And it is just taking a screw driver and putting it under this tab and pushing up, which releases the pin so you can pull it back with the other hand. That way, you can pull back the headlight, giving you a little bit more working room. 1:00

Next, we are going to go ahead and detach the blinker and running light. All you do is just twist it. Make sure you push down on this little arm here so that you can turn it and pull it out. Twist and then it pops right out. The same goes for both lights. Then you can remove your headlight assembly. We are going to go ahead and pull off the cap and actually replace the bulb itself. Once the back of the light is exposed, all you have to do is, just like the other lights, turn it to the side and you can pull it out. Simply disconnect the tab and you can set this aside. As you can see, we have both halogens right here. This is the old one and this is the new one from Putco that we are installing today. You can see there is a little bit of a size difference. And, unlike the factory one, the Putco one has a lifetime warranty. So, if it goes out, you get to swap it out for free. 2:08

Using your new bulb, you just plug it in until you hear a click. Then push it back down in the hole. And what you want to do is look for these tabs and align those with the three holes. And once you have them in the holes, you can turn it to the side. That way it is secure and will not come out. Go ahead and replace the cover. And you are ready to reinstall your headlight assembly. We want to replace the lights, and put them back in the hole and twisting them so they are secure, each one. This one is going to be a little bit different. You have to push down on the tab to get it to turn back over. So, the arm here gets stuck. You have to push down on it to get it to turn past it. That way it is secure and will not turn back the other way on you. Finally, you come back to this plug. And, unlike the others, you just plug this one in. You hear it snap back into place. 3:08

And now it is time to put the headlight assembly back into the car. You are going to have to get these little tabs, here on the back of the headlight, into the holes here on the lever. So, you just kind of push in on it and make sure they go fully in the hole, so that the tab fully goes in the hole, and then you can push down on the tab securing your light. 3:30 And that is it for the installation of the Putco Nitro Blue Halogen Bulb, part number P239006NB.

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