Trailer Hitch Installation - 2005 Toyota Camry

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2005 Toyota Camry

Today we are going to install part number 36336 from Draw-Tite on an 2005 Toyota Camry. The first thing we will to show you is where the hitch mounts on the frame. And the hitch will mount on the frame here using these two bolt holes for sure. However, on some models there may be no more bolt holes, and there might be an extra one here. In this case, see? There is like a black sticker covering the hole. We will check it out and see if this is a threaded hole. If so, we can actually use that. If your vehicle does not have this threaded hole here, then you just drill out two holes using the hitch as a template and then put a U-bolt inside. We will see what we have got here. And it looks like this is a threaded hole. So on this side we will be using three attaching points. On the passengers side, with the exhaust here, we have to take down these two bolts, and then the hitch goes in this place. And then the exhaust bracket actually bolts on top of the hitch.

First we will start on the passengers side and take down this exhaust bracket. Let us pull that out of the way for now. All right, let us go over to the other side. Since these two holes have been exposed for a while it probably would be a good idea to run a bolt through there to clean out the dust and corrosion that will occur inside there. We use a little bit of WD-40 to help clean out the stuff. Once you have taken the time to clean out the threads you can go ahead and install the hitch. You want them in each side just to hold it in place. Now we are just holding it in place for now. We will get the rest of the fasteners done on the drivers side, and then we will come back to the passengers side. Let us snug up the one bolt here, bringing the hitch a little bit closer to the frame so it will be easier to work with. And again, since this has a threaded fitting, we will not have to worry about using this hole at all. What we are going to do at this point is go ahead and snug up the hitch to the frame. That way, it will support the other half a little bit, take it back down, and then install the muffler bracket. Just enough to give it tension on the other side.

With the bolts snugged up on the drivers side, you can see here on the passengers side where you can actually have a little big of springiness here. So that way, we do not have to worry about holding up the hitch and maneuvering this at the same time and trying to thread a bolt. All right, at this point you might want to loosen the drivers side once again so you can move the hitch back and forth. Once you have the hitch the way you want it, we can go ahead and snug down the bolt for good. All right, we can go ahead and give the bolts their final torque now. All right, and there you have it for part number 36336 from Draw-Tite on our 2005 Toyota Camry.

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