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etrailer Trailer Brakes AKFBBRK-35L-D Review

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Review of etrailer Trailer Brakes AKFBBRK-35L-D

Today we're going to take a look at the 10-inch free-backing hydraulic trailer brake assembly for 3500 pound axles. This is the left-hand driver side assembly and this one has the nice DACHROMAT finish to it. Now this hydraulic drum brake assembly is designed for use with surge-type trailer brake actuators. The nice DACHROMAT plating on this provides a superior corrosion resistance for fresh water or salt water use. This assembly uses the uni-server design which is the single plunger design and is also a free-backing design which will let you back up without engaging the trailer brake even if your actuator's activated. Basically, the hydraulic pressure is contained by this wheel cylinder and you can always identify a free-backing design brake assembly by this D-shaped shoe.

One of the shoes will always be a D-shape to it and that'll let you know it's a free-backing design. Now, the size on this is 10-inch by 2 1/4-inch and again, it's the left-hand driver side assembly. The way they get those measurements, the 10-inch would be the diameter. If we take a ruler and go edger pad to edger pad, you can see it's 10 inches and the 2 1/4 would mean the pad width on the shoe is 2 1/4, so 10-inch by 2 1/4. Now, another thing I want to mention to is when you get the new, they'll usually have a sticker that'll say left-hand assembly, the other one will say right-hand assembly, but if the sticker's not there, the easiest way to tell what side this goes on is the shorter shoe or the shorter pad will always face the front the of trailer. If you look at this shoe, you can see the size of that. You look at that shoe, it's a lot larger.

This is the shorter shoe, so this would actually, that's the front of the trailer. This would face the front so then you can tell, you can see it's for the left-hand or driver side of the trailer. Now, these brake shoes, they're lined with an automotive grade friction material. This friction material's fully bonded. It's not riveted to the shoes, gives you a lot longer life, more braking torque. On the lining, they also taper the edges and then they do a circular grinding on it to prevent cracking and crumbling which can lead to mechanical lock-up. Now, this is a manual adjustment brake, so it does require periodic manual adjustments and when you adjust it, you adjust it right down here where this star wheel is.

What's nice on this assembly, they use a fine tooth gear and it allows for more precise setting when you're setting your brakes. Also, there's not break-in period following your initial adjustment. When you go to adjustment them, it's like any brake assembly. You just go to the adjustment holes on the back. Now, what's unique on this assembly, if you notice it already comes with the rubber adjuster plugs in the holes and that's a nice feature because some brake assemblies just leave the holes open.

You really don't want that because you'll get dirt inside the brake assembly and it can cause you problems with it. This comes actually with the plugs. You pop the plugs out, either one, put your adjustment tool or your screwdriver through there, and then your turn your star wheel to adjust your brakes. When you're done, just put your plug back in. It also comes, as you notice, with the mounting bolts. They are also included. Now, the nuts and lock washers that are used to attach this to your brake mounting flange, they are sold separately. We do sell them on our website and we do list them on this product page as a related product. If you notice, this assembly actually fits the 4-hole brake mounting flange. This assembly is certified by USSA standards and CSA, which is the Canadian standards. The dimension again, we showed you is 10-inches by 2 1/4-inches. This does fit on an axle 3500 pound rated axle and it does use 10-inch drums That should do it for the review of the 10-inch free-backing hydraulic trailer brake assembly for 3500 pound axles. This is the left-hand driver side assembly and this is has the DACHROMAT finish to it.

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