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Review of etrailer Hitch Lock - Stainless Steel 2 Inch HItch - E98882

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etrailer Hitch Lock - Stainless Steel 2 Inch HItch - E98882 Review

Today we're taking a look at the trailer hitch receiver lock. This is designed for two inch hitch receivers and this is made of a solid stainless steel. That's going to be the same for the pin and the lock housing, so it's going to be very resistant to any rust or corrosion, should last for a long time and stay looking nice. The way this works is actually a patented pic- proof screw and lock security system. So basically whenever you turn that key, you're actually, I'm threading a screw inside there and that's going to keep everything secure inside.One thing I will say is that if you try to unthread that from this black side, you can't do that because of the way that this pin is designed. So if you're concerned that somebody may be able to just back that off by turning the other side of the pin, they can't because of the way that pin is machined, which I'll show you.

There's two flat sides of that pin where it fits into our lock cylinder, so the only thing that rotates is that screw and the lock cylinder itself. So I'm just going to thread this on just barely just to show you the span that this can do. I will say it's not quite as secure whenever you have it unthreaded. Right here we have about two and three quarter inches of length. We thread that all the way in.We'll have about two and a half, so a little bit of adjustment there to fit your different hitch shank sizes or your hitch tube sizes, but again, the more it's unthreaded, the less durable this connection will be.

So just something to keep in mind, but I do kind of like that you can thread that down and sort of tighten it against the side of your hitch to make it more flush instead of it just going to one spot and stopping. It gives it a little bit more flexibility there. We do get two keys with this and you can get multiple locks keyed alike, so you can have a couple of these to use with your different vehicles, different accessories. If you want to do that, you will go to the product page here at and then use the drop down arrow to select multiple quantities with that same key system.The weatherproof grips are going to make it easier to get a handle on this. This one is pretty smooth so it might be a little bit slicker in the winter, but it has kind of a machined texture.

As far as the overall length, it's about five and seven eighths inches long. The black end is about one and three quarter inches. The silver end is about one and seven eight inches, I think I said one and three quarter. I meant one and three eights on this side and then one and seven eight. So that's how much space we'll have to have on either side of your tube to make sure that you have enough space to get this in there.Now some factory hitches, even though they're two inch by two inch class three, they might not fit this just because they might have a double wall.

Something like the Toyota Tacoma or the Toyota Tundra, they have kind of a thicker shank for their hitch receiver tube, so you might need to get the extra long two inch receiver tube block. We have that available [email protected] but that is sold separately. This is made in the USA and that's going to do it for our look at the trailer hitch receiver lock.

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