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Review of etrailer Hitch Aligners - Hitch Pin Alignment Collar - e38ZR

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etrailer Hitch Aligners - Hitch Pin Alignment Collar - e38ZR Review

Jeff: Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today, we're going to take a look at the inaudible 00:00:04 trailer hitch pin alignment collar for ball mounts and pintle mounds on a 2 1/2" hitch. This hitch pin alignment collar will install onto your 2 1/2" hitch accessory, and it'll allow you to easily align the hitch pin hole on the shank of that accessory with the hitch pin hole that's on your hitch.For this demonstration, I've actually pulled here, you can see, a 2 1/2" hitch, and I've pulled a 2 1/2" pintle mount that goes in the hitch, and it comes with the pin and the clip. Basically, this alignment collar will eliminate you having to get down on your hands and knees to align the hitch pin holes to install the pin and clip. It'll work perfectly on ball mounts, pintle hitch mounts, and other 2 1/2" hitch accessory. It's a very easy, one-time installation on most 2 1/2" hitch mounted accessories.I want to show you how that works.

I'm going to go ahead and zoom in, or move to the front here. What I'm going to show you is, here's your 2 1/2" pintle mount that's designed to slide right into your 2 1/2" hitch opening. The problem is, lots of times when you try to align the hitch pin hole that's on the shank with the hitch pin hole, with this hitch being up underneath the car, you usually got to get down and try to align your pin up to go into the hole.To eliminate that problem, what we have here, is you'll take this alignment collar and loosen the knobs on both sides to where it's loose enough that it will be able to slide, just like that, right onto your shank. Once you get it all the way on there, leave it loose. Go ahead and install this in there, and then, using your hitch pin, push your shank back.

Once you inaudible 00:01:44 hole, go ahead and put your pin in there, and then take your clip and go ahead and put your clip on there, and slide that over. Once you get your clip on there, if you know that's the position you need, then what you'll do is take this alignment collar, slide it all the way up against the hitch receiver opening, and then go ahead and tighten these knobs on each side, and you probably want to do it equally so you get equal pressure on there. Make sure it's up against the hitch. Once you get it tightened down all the way, what you can do is, when you go to pull out your clip, and then pull out your pin, then you can slide out your pintle mount, and you'll leave the hitch alignment collar attached on there, just like that.The next time you go to use it, instead of having to look and to get up underneath inaudible 00:02:38 align your hitch pin up, just slide this all the way in, up against as far as it goes, and you should be able to take your pin, put it in the hole, and it'll go right across. Put your clip on and you're ready to go, so it saves you the hassle of trying to line those holes up; makes it real easy.

Then you can slide this out. Now, I've installed this with the knobs up; you can install it with the knobs down, if you prefer. Whichever works for your situation, if you have any interference or anything, but it'll work either way. Then what you can do, you can leave it on there. If you do need to remove it and put it on something else, just loosen it and do the same arrangement to line it up.

What's nice is, if you buy a few extra of these, you can put one on each accessory or ball mount, pintle mount, whichever you have. To remove it, all you have to do is loosen both knobs. Once it gets loose enough, go ahead and slide it off, just like that.This is a nice steel construction; has a nice black powder coat finish to prevent any rust or corrosion. That should do it for the review on this e-trailer, hitch pin alignment collar for ball mounts and pintle mounts on a 2 1/2" hitch..

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