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etrailer Generators - Inverter - 333-0003-2-0007 Review

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Review of etrailer Generators 333-0003-2-0007

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the etrailer portable inverter generators. Now, the inverter generators provide a portable power source. This kit is available with manual start, which is what I'm showing you today. It's also available with manual and electric start. So both options are available at Again, today I'm showing you the manual start generators.

Now, the electric start generators come with a remote that allows you to start and stop the units up to 164 feet away.Now, all the connections and everything's basically the same whether it's manual or electric start. What I mentioned between manual and electric is really the only difference between the kits that are available. The starting power output is 6,000 watts and the running power output is 5,500 watts when paired. The single starting power output is 3,200 watts and the single running power output is 2,900 watts.These generators are great for camping, RVing, work sites, and emergency situations. Really, any application that calls for needing affordable power.

You can use the generators individually, or again, you can pair them together and run them parallel to get more power.It does come with the necessary parallel kit. It comes with everything you need to get connected. It comes with the appropriate connections. Just plug right into the generators to combine them and get more power by combining them together. So parallel kit is included.

The parallel kit includes a 50 amp 14-50R outlet and a 30 amp L5-30R twist lock outlet.Overall, they're a really nice design. It comes with some accessories, as well. So you get two bottles of SAE 10w30 engine oil, you get your oil funnels, and you get two tool kits or hardware kits. So you get the wrenches for your spark plugs and you get screwdrivers to remove any of the screws on the unit to gain access to some panels or the area behind panels. So, the screwdrivers are included to remove the panel so that way you can maintenance and service your generators as needed.It also comes with battery charging cables.

You get two of them, and those are designed to plug into this port right here and they are used to charge 12 volt automotive-style batteries only, so please keep that in mind.Also, these are extremely portable, so they have built-in handles right here on top so that we can lift them, you can move them around, and it also has an extension handle on one side with a set of wheels on the other side, and so that allows you to tilt the generator up and push it around. So again, nice, easy mobility with these generators.They also feature never flat wheels that are made from durable plastic and rubber. Also, on the bottom they have rubber feet. Those are padded. They're dampeners, basically, so the units don't move or shift around while running. They also offer quiet operation with the Whisper Series muffler. Noise level is around 58 decibels per generator, measured at 25 feet away at 25% load in standard mode.Now, each generator features a 171 cc, single cylinder, air-cooled, four stroke, OHB engine that's overhead valve for longer life, higher performance, and lower maintenance. Each one has a 1.8 gallon gas tank, uses clean and fresh regular unleaded gasoline with a minimum 87 octane. They are tethered on there so that way you don't misplace or lose the cap, and then each one has a filter inside so it keeps the gasoline from becoming contaminated. It keeps the unwanted items out of your clean, fresh gas.Now, the run time will vary, depending on how it's used, but it does have up to a nine hour run time at 25% load, that's per generator. They offer clean power with less than 3% THD. That stands for total harmonic distortion, so it is good for charging your electrical components like your phones, your tablets, and your laptops.I'm going to grab the manual that it comes with and we're going to go over all the connections and all the functions on the control panel. It's the exact same footprint and layout for the other generator. Now, before I do that, I do want to mention that the rated AC voltage is 120 volts, rated frequency is 60 hertz. Each generator measures about 23 1/4" long by 18" tall by about 17 7/8" wide.So I got the book here. We're going to go over the connections real quick and the control panel. So this right here is the recoil starter. So we have the recoil starter right here and then we have the fuel valve knob and we also have our choke button. And then moving over here, this switch is the engine switch, so you flip the switch to the on position and pull the recoil starter to start the generator. Turn it to the off position to turn off the generator.Directly below that we have economy control switch. This can be activated in order to minimize fuel consumption and noise level while operating the unit during times of reduced electrical output, allowing the engine speed to idle during periods of non-use, and then the engine speed returns to normal when an electrical load is connected, and when the economy switch is off, the engine runs at normal speed continuously.Then right here we have the three-in-one data miner. That's a multimeter, so you can push the select button to show the voltage, hertz, and running hours. And then right here we have the 120 volt, 20 amp duplex plugs. So 20 amps of current may be drawn from this 120 volt receptacle, so you've got two of those plugs or receptacles. And then above that we have the 120 volt, 30 amp RV receptacle with a maximum full load of 30 amps current can be drawn from this 120 volt receptacle. They also have those dust caps that go over it to keep the connections safe from moisture, dirt, and debris when they're not being used, or grime.We have some indicator lights. So we have the output ready indicator light, we have an overload indicator light, and we have oil warning indicator light. We also have our USB connection which is located right there, and then we have our circuit breaker reset. So we have this one right here, that's for AC, and then we have this one right here for DC.The connections below that, we have two little connection ports. Those are for the parallel operation outlet, so those would be used in conjunction with the cables coming out of that parallel kit. And then we have the 12 volt DC outlet. This is used only to charge 12 volt automotive-type batteries with the included charging cables. Then we have our ground terminal right there and then again, the unit comes with outlet covers to protect the receptacles from dust and dirt and debris and grime and all that stuff that has a tendency to want to get in there.I do want to point out that the labeling on these are really nice. So we have all the technical specifications that we need to be aware of. We also have basically a general overview of how to start it. It walks us through the steps, and overall these are a really great-looking generator. And again, this kit allows you to pair them together and get more power when needed.That's going to do it for today's look at the etrailer portable invertor generators.

Questions and Comments about this Video

Sleepy B.

Waste of time watching almost 8 minute video and doesnt even start the generator... Wouldnt have purchased anyway, ridiculous needing to buy two generators because one by itself doesnt generate enough juice to power a coffee maker...

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

Thanks for the feedback. We do have another video that shows the generators in use, which I've linked below. Having parallel ability like this isn't only about the max power you get when both are connected but also the portable versatility that each provides on their own. For a single generator capable of this kind of wattage you'd need to go to a much bigger unit like the Buffalo Tools # BTGEN7500DF .