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Review of etrailer Camper Jack EJ-3520-BBX

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Electric Jack for A-frame trailers. This jack is going to feature a lift capacity of 3,500 pounds. It's going to let you raise and lower your A-frame trailer. The jack is fused protected, so right here is going to be our fuse holder. That's going to have a 500 volt 30 amp fuse. On the front of the unit, right here, are two, very easily accessible toggle switches.

These are located on the front of the housing. That way, you can easily operate the jack. You're going to have your on and off switch, which is going to control the LED light. Then you're going to have the extend-retract switch, that controls the up and down movement of the jack. The LED light is going to illuminate at a downward angle to help you focus on your coupler. There's a lens here at the bottom that allows light to come through.

That's really going to come in handy when hooking up, or disconnecting at night, or low-light conditions. The unit comes with an emergency crank handle, which is this piece right here. If you ever experience a situation where maybe you don't have power for some reason, you can still operate your jack manually, if needed. The connection point for that handle, is located right here, at the top of the unit. Now, this is a nice sealed cap, that way it's going to do a great job at keeping out dirt, and moisture, and grime. That's nice, easily accessible for those situations where you may need to manually operate the jack.

Again, the handle is included to do that. Also, at the bottom of the unit, is the included drop leg. That's going to allow for increased lift, and it's going to save time when raising or lowering your trailer. The pin and clip is going to hold the leg at the desired location. At the bottom of the drop leg, is the welded on round foot plate. That's going to offer a diameter of 5 1/2 inches.

A foot plate does a great job at spreading out the applied weight, especially on softer surfaces, to help prevent sinking. The unit is made from a steel construction. It's going to have a black powder coated finish on the outer tube. Then on the inner-tube, and on the footplate, as well as the drop leg, we're going to have a zinc plated finish. All of that's going to do a great job at resisting rusting, corrosion, making sure that this unit lasts a long time, and that it looks good for a long time. The housing right here, this is all from a durable black plastic construction. Now, it is a simple bolt on installation. The mounting pattern, here on the mounting plate, that's going to allow you to you attach it to any standard A-frame trailer that has an attachment point for a round trailer jack. Then your mounting bolts are sold separately, but it does come with flat washers, and serrated washers. It's going to feature a single wire design. This is designed to wire to a 12 volt power source, with the included power lead. When it comes to grounding the unit, it's not a separate wire. It's actually going to ground through the mounting hardware. This power lead, I took a measurement from the bottom of the fuse holder, to the end of the power wire, and got a measurement of around 65 inches. That gives you an idea of how long that is. A few other measurements that I want to go over with you real quick, just to give you an idea whether or not this is going to work for your application. One of the measurements we like to do, is a bracket height measurement, with it retracted and with it extended. I'm measure form the ground to the bottom of that mounting bracket. That's going to give us a measurement of right around 9 inches. I did that same measurement with the jack fully extended, and got a measurement of 28 1/2 inches. If we subtract those two measurements, it gives us the lift, or travel, which is 19 1/2 inches. Now, the drop leg provides an additional lift or travel of 5 5/8 of an inch. It gives it a total lift, or travel, or 25 1/8 inches for this jack. Another measurement that we like to do, is a clearance measurement. We want you to make sure that you have enough clearance, or enough room from the mounting surface to the top of the jack, making sure that it doesn't interfere with any other components. If we take that measurement, that's going to give us a measurement of 20 1/2 inches, and that was measuring from the bottom of the mounting plate, to the very top of the unit, which is right here, at that knob that allows us to gain access for the situations where we need to manually operate by connecting our crank handle. The outer tube gives us a diameter of 2 1/4 inches. The inner-tube has a diameter of 2 inches. Real quick, I want to show you the drop leg, and then we're going to hook it up to power, so you can see how it functions, and how it operates. This is our drop leg, and, again, on the bottom, is our foot plate. It's got 4 different mounting holes on there, or adjustment holes. Those holes are separated on center, apart from one another by 1 7/8 of an inch. That's going to be your incremental height adjustment. All right, we're going to go and hook it up to power. Want to make sure that we have a good ground connection. All right, so you can see that that light is on. To extend the jack, we just push up on the toggle switch. It's got really nice movement to it. It's pretty quiet for an electric jack, as well. Really nice movement, and again, that will go all the way up. To lower it, just push on the down button. Now, it does have a stop line, right here, that way you don't exceed the fully retracted position. Also, when you hit that, the motor will actually stop, which is a great indication to let off of the switch, so we don't cause any damage to the motor. The LED light, you can see that has a clear lens, which is going to allow light to come out, but also on the bottom, it has a lens, which casts light at a downward angle. Which again, is great for those situations where you're having to hook or disconnect at night, or in low-light conditions. That's going to do it for today's look at the Electric Jack for A-frame trailers.

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