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etrailer Ball Mounts - Fixed Ball Mount - EBMK2EL Review

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Review of etrailer Ball Mounts EBMK2EL

Today were going to review part number EBMK2EL, this is the Super Extra Long Ball Mount Kit for 2-inch hitch receivers. This kit will include the one extra long ball mount, it will include a pin and a clip; it will include Convert-A-Ball Interchangeable Ball System that comes with a 1 7/8-inch hitch head and a 2-inch hitch ball head and also the storage bag.This kit will be nice to use when youre going to be towing multiple trailers that would have different size couplers and also if you need to extend the hitch ball out away from the back of the tow vehicle.Im first going to go over this extra long ball mount. This is part number 80232. This ball mount will have a 2-inch drop or a 3 -inch rise depending on how you use it; and basically that is measured byright now it is in the drop position so a 2-inch drop would be measured from the top of this shank to the top of where the ball is seated. So that distance will be 2 inches or 2-inch drop. Now if you turn it over and insert it in your receiver this way, thatll give the ball in a rise position so you measure from the top of the shank to where the ball is seated here.

So that distance would be -inch rise. Now this ball mount does have a gross towing weight capacity of 6,000 and a tongue weight capacity of 600 pounds. And this is considered is a super extra long ball mount. So the measurement from the center of the hitch pinhole here to the center of where the ball would be inserted into your ball mount is going to be 16 inches. So, basically just to give you an idea, from the center there to there would be 16 inches.

So that would extend your hitch ball out 16 inches from the hitch pinhole.Now the other part included in here is the pin and clip part number PC3. This is a 5/8-inch diameter pin and the clip and that used to insert when your ball mount is inserted into your hitch receiver. The pin and clip would go in and attach it to hold into the hitch.Our next item is the converti-ball interchangeable ball system part number 901B. This comes with a shank and then two interchangeable hitch balls. One is 1 7/8-inch just stamped on the top there and other is 2-inch hitch ball.

This shank and the ball put on it will have a gross towing weight capacity of 10,000 pounds. Now this does come with a washer and a nut that is used to install the shank to the ball mount. The nut size on this is 1 inches. And it also comes with a cotter pin which when this installed and tightened down, theres a hole in the shank. You slide the cotter pin through, spread it and that would keep the nut from reversing off the shank.

I do want to give you a few dimensions on this shank; the diameter and the length. The diameter on this shank will be 1 inch. The length which is from here to here of this shank would be 2 inches. And just to show you how the balls will be installed onto the shank, theres a hole in the shank and basically theres an integrated pin here. If you go to the side that has a dimple on it, you just push that, pull the pin all the way out and then just line it up with the hole on the shank, push it all the way through until its flush and you have a 1 7/8-inch hitch ball. To remove it, just push the side with the dimple, pull it all the way out, remove it. If you need to go to the bigger hitch head, again, find the side with the dimple, pull it all the way out, put it in all the way through and in a few seconds youve changed from a 1 7/8-inch to a 2-inch hitch ball. Another nice feature on this is the integrated pin will have a rubber ring on this end and also on the other end so when it is completely closed it will seal both sides to keep any dirt or foreign material from getting inside the bitch ball head.The remaining product will be the storage bag part number ETBMB. This is a durable bag. It will work great not only carrying ball mounts but it will carry other towing equipment like tie down straps, pins, clips, locks. A strong handle makes it easy to carry; has a very large zipper opening, gives full access to the bag. This bag is made of a durable nylon material which will provide many years of use. It has a no-hassle zipper closure, handle for transportation and let me give you a few dimensions on this bag. The overall length is 16 inches, height is 5 inches and the width is 4 inches wide. Now on this kit, because it does include the extra long ball mount, this ball mount will be too long to fit in the bag. Everything else will be able to fit in there but this is one of the few kits where the ball mount is too long to actually fit in the bag. But that should do it for our review of part number EBMK2EL. .

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