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Review of Yakima Watersport Carrier Trailer Parts - Replacement LED Side Marker Light - Y29FR

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Yakima Watersport Carrier Trailer Parts - Replacement LED Side Marker Light - Y29FR Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at We're going to be taking a quick look at the replacement LED side marker light for your Yakima trailer. So if something happened to that original light, maybe got busted or broken off somewhere along the way, this is a direct replacement for it. So let's take a closer look and make sure that this is going to be the right piece for you. It does have the included hardware, so you can get that reattached and we'll have our light.

And then the sort of bracket to actually wrap around the tubing on your trailers. That's going to hit nice and flush against it. So there's one end of our power wire. We will have to connect that into the rest of our wiring on the trailer. The ground wire is inside, so you need to pop this open.

And I'm going to try to do that with just this little washer here, but usually if you use a screwdriver, nickel, just something kind of flat, even that as you can see, that little washer will work just fine, that allows you to get access into the inside of the light.So that's how you'll mount this in place using those screws. You just want to make sure that whenever you're putting that hardware through, that you do go through that ground wire. That's going to be how you make that ground connection. So you might need to kind of flex that wire over to get it to go to one of the spots. A little too short to get to that spot or to that mounting hole also would kind of block the diodes of the light itself.

So once you've done that, drop that down through, put our other hardware down through replace that light and then thread it into place. You will also want to put the washers underneath, but just for time I'm skipping that part. So that should thread right into your trailer without any issue. I am going to hook this up to power just to show you how bright it is.Again, this is just a direct replacement for your existing lights. So it shouldn't be anything different than what you already had.

But let's take a look and see how bright it is. So I'll turn on my power source here. And our light comes on. Turn our lights out in the studio. You can see it's not super bright, but it's just enough to give us that side-marker indicator to keep us safe on the road, keep us within compliance as well. So that wiring should just plug right into your wiring that comes on that Yakima trailer. So there shouldn't be any issues as far as getting that installed.That's pretty much all there is to it for our look at the replacement LED side marker light assembly for your easy rider trailer. I hope this has been helpful in the setting of visit the right piece for you. We do have a lot of other replacement parts though, here at So should anything else arise that you need, check us out. Thanks for watching.

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