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Yakima Portable Bathroom - Portable Showers - Y89VR Review

Hello, everybody. This is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at the Yakima seven gallon RoadShower. It's a portable pressurized solar shower for roof racks. Now, this vehicle water tank will provide access to pressurized water while you're out adventuring. The sun will heat the water inside the tank during the day, and give you access to hot water.

So, it is great for rinsing off any dirt and grime from your body. Cleaning off any dirty gear or equipment. Or even rinsing dishes at your campsite. On the very bottom, you can see it does include this nice 55 inch long hose. With the spray nozzle right here on the end, it'll let you easily control the water spray.

See, it's just held in place. And it unhooks from the tabs right there. And with it unhooked, you could see that you can use your spray just like that. And then when you're done using it, you can just put it into the clamps right there. And once it clamps into place, then you can just wrap it.

Use the hook and loop fastener right there to go around the handle. To hold it into place. And just like that, you're all ready to go. Put it up into the clamp just like that. Does have a nice large top cap on it.

Allows for easy tank filling. This is a seven gallon tank. And it does have outlet ports on either end to give you convenient access to the water. On this one, we've installed the on and off elbow on this end. And then the hose runs down here. There's also connection here, if you wanna put it on the other end. And if you want, you can actually install an extra on and off elbow to let you access water simultaneous from both ends of the tank. We do sell that on and off elbow separately on our website. It's part number Y04103. And it's listed on this product page as a related product. Also next to this top cap, you notice there is a Schrader air valve here that you can take your cap off of. And you can see, it'll let you pressurize the tank by either using a bike pump or electric pump. Inside the big top cap, there is a pressure relief valve that'll safely and automatically max out at 55 to 65 psi. Now, this can also be pressurized by using this included garden hose female to female adapter. To simultaneously fill and pressurize the tank with the attached hose on the tank already. All you have to do to do that is take off this spray nozzle on this end. Install that adapter. Connect it to a garden hose. Open the black handle on this end for the on and off valve. Open it up. Turn on your garden hose. And allow that incoming water to pressurize in the tank. Now, this is a very simple installation. We just zoom in. Show you the included clamp-on brackets right here. And they are designed to hook into the bottom T channel on this tank. You can see this T channel here. Basically, your bolts will go right into the holes and then slide just like that. And then, you attach your clamp-on brackets. Same way here, there's a hole you slide in. To install it just like that. Now, it will fit most roof rack crossbars. It fits crossbar spread of 24 inches to 50 inches. And if you notice, it will include both short and long bolts, depending on your application. It does also use the same key SKS locks to lock the tank to your crossbar, so nobody can take off it. Now, this is a nice welded aluminum construction. Has a nice black powder coat finish on it which is very durable and rustproof. And what's nice is that black finish on the tank walls will allow the water to heat up when the tank's exposed to the sun. The water temperature will rise about 10 to 15 degrees per hour on a nice, warm, sunny day. They even give you this stick-on thermometer strip that you can stick on to the tank. And that'll show you, it'll will display the water temperature from 61 degrees Fahrenheit up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Comes with a nice owner's manual. Describe how everything works. How it operates. A few specs on this. The tank capacity again is seven gallons. The tank weight empty is 25.5 pounds. When you fill it with water, goes to about 84 pounds. And the last thing I want to do is just give you the dimensions on this. We're gonna start with the length. From one end all the way to the other end is right at 55 inches long. The width, 7 7/16 inches wide. And the overall height, 5 3/4 inches tall. But that should do it for the review on this Yakima seven gallon RoadShower portable pressurized solar shower for roof racks..

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