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Review of Yakima Camping and Hiking - Campsite Accessories - Y04101

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Yakima Camping and Hiking - Campsite Accessories - Y04101 Review

Today, we're going to take a look at the Yakima RoadShower, pressurized aluminum four-gallon water storage tank. Now, this vehicle water tank would provide access to pressurized water while you're out on adventures, the sun will heat the water inside the tank during the day, for access to hot water, and it's great for rinsing off any dirt or grime from your body, cleaning off dirty gear and equipment, or just rinsing the dishes at your campsite. Does include this hose with the spray nozzle on this end, it'll let you easily control the water spray. Does have this large top cap on it, that allows for easy tank filling. Just unscrew the cap, and when it comes out you can put your hose in there to fill it up with water, and then when it's all filled up, just go ahead and tighten it back down.Now, this tank can be pressurized. Actually, inside this cap when you take it off, there is a pressure relief valve here, that'll allow the pressure, once it hits 65 PSI, that relief valve will open up to release any extra pressure, because you don't want to have it more than 65 PSI pressure in this tank.One of the ways you can pressurize it as using this Schrader air valve, right here on the top.

If you just unscrew the valve cap, and you'll see a valve stem similar to like you'll see on your tires and wheels. You can put either a bike pump on there, or an electric pump, and pressure, put the pressure in there and again, it'll go up to 65 PSI.There is also another way you can pressurize the tank, by using this included garden hose, female-to-female adapter, and basically what you can do is take your spray hose, or spray handle off, put that adapter on. It's a female-to-female adapter, so put that on, put your garden hose on there, and then you can simultaneously fill and pressurize the tank at the same time, with that attached hose that's on the tank. As I showed you, just remove the spray nozzle, install the adapter, connect to your garden hose, over on this side, on the valve. Just open your valve, right there, and then go ahead and turn on your garden hose.

And that'll allow the incoming water to pressurize the tank as it fills it.To install this on your vehicle is a very simple installation. It includes these tramp on brackets here, that'll attach to most roof-rack cross-bars. And what's nice about these, if you noticed, and they come with two different size bolts, I have the long bolts now. They do have some shorter bolts, so just depends on what roof-rack you have, but they slide, there's a little T channel the whole length, at the very bottom here, and you could sleeve a slide to fit whatever application you have. It will fit a cross-bar spread from 24 inches to 50 inches.

Mentioned includes the two different bolt sizes, and actually on the very back they do have a T channel also, that you could install them back here if you want to mount them on the back side.Also, on each end you'll see these integrative lock loops. This will let you add a cable lock, to secure the tank to your vehicle. Cable locks, we do sell separately.This tank is a welded aluminum construction. Do you notice it has a black powder coat finish on it, which is durable and rustproof, but also that black finish on the tank allows the water to heat up when the tank is exposed to the sun. The water temperature inside will rise about 10 to 15 degrees per hour on a nice warm, sunny day, and the way you can tell is they include the stick-on thermometer that you stick it on there, and it'll display the water temperature that's in there.Again, a few specs on this.

The tank capacity is four gallons. A hose length, right here, is 52 inches. Maximum PSI we mentioned is 65. The weight of just the tank by itself, when it's empty, is 19 and a half pounds. When you fill it with water, it'll get up to 53 pounds. And the last thing is the dimensions. The length of the tank is 55 inches long. The width of it is about six and one eighth inches wide. Overall height is only about four and three quarter inches tall. But that should do it, for the review on the Yakima RoadShower, pressurized aluminum, four-gallon water storage tank.