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Review of XG Cargo Vehicle Organizer - Jeep Storage - XC64FR

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XG Cargo Vehicle Organizer - Jeep Storage - XC64FR Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen [email protected] and we're going to be taking a look at the gearbox car organizer for your Jeep. This can be used in just about any kind of vehicle, but it is specifically designed to fit into Jeeps. So it has a nice compact design to it. Shouldn't take up too much room, but it's going to give you the organizational options to keep all your stuff kind of in compartments, rather than everything just rolling around loose in the back of your Jeep. So it's just this easy assembled box.

It kind of has these little arms here to give a little bit of a buffer for any other items that you might have outside of this. There's a divider here in the middle, which you can adjust along the width here. So you can get that wherever you want it to be allow for a bigger compartment and a smaller one, or have it right in the middle like I have it here.It just depend on whatever you want to do so you can customize it to your needs of the top. We'll also have a couple of attachment points for any kind of pals or Mali accessories as a kind of a tactical webbing, compartments or pockets. So a lot of things can attach to them.

It comes with a couple items here. So we'll have a little pocket with a flashlight. This does come with it. So you can turn this on and have kind of a nice, bright light, a little bit more of a ambient light to go anywhere. And that can adjust out there's a magnet on the bottom.

So you can stick that to the hood of your Jeep and have a work light to use. If you hit the button again, it's going to turn on this portion and that's also adjustable.So just handy light to have for all kinds of applications. If you need to do any repairs and the dark, maybe find your way on a trail, maybe lost something or forgot something. Really having a flashlight is never a bad idea. The little pouch that it's in is also detachable has a hook on the back.

So you can clip this to your belt. Maybe you carry a few other tools with you along with that flashlight. And like I mentioned, there's that tactical style webbing. So you can attach any other kinds of pouches or packs to customize your kit. On the other side, we'll have a first aid kit, again, another really handy thing to have with us just about anywhere. So it got the little red cross on there, kind of a universal symbol for a first aid kit. So let's take a look at what's inside.It's going to open this up. So we get all stuff. We'll have some bandage gauze in elastic bandage, scissors, some first aid burn cream is all burn cream, some triangular bandages with a couple of safety pins, few adhesive bandage strips, a rescue blanket. So it's one of those silvery blankets that helps you to retain heat. Somebody goes into shock, some wet wipes, just a cleaning, wipe their bandage tape, another first aid bandage, a different size adhesive bandage, a bigger patch, probably good for your knee or elbow, some sting. So for something for bites and stings, surgical gloves, absorbent gauze swabs, and few wound pads, and also a pair of tweezers. Those that they have a pretty nice sharp tip to them as well. So it should be good to pull out any splinters or use for all stuff.So a pretty complete first aid kit. Again, it's always handy to have that for any kind of road emergencies, but also, especially if we're going to be out in the wilderness, maybe going hiking or camping, just never a bad idea to have a first aid kit with it. So it's nice that it comes with our kit. We can stash everything. There's even a clear pocket up at the top. So you can maybe keep some of your things separated out and put the ointments up there and all the bandages down below and I forget our scissors or our tweezers, stuff everything back in there, zip it up. And just like the pouch that are flashlight comes in. This also has a clip on the back. So it makes it pretty easy to get stashed in place on the inside. You can see there's a strap so you can adjust or a strap down any of your gear.And you can also use this to Fasten down this gearbox. There's going to be a little attachment point on either side. So you can use this to either strap down your gear within the box, or to actually secure this itself around maybe the seat anchors for your backseat or any other kind of cargo attachment points in the back of your hatch. That's pretty much all there is to it for this kit. We do have a pouch up here, just a single open pouch. So you can stash any other small items in there to keep them readily available. As far as size. It's about two feet wide, maybe a little bit more at this padded area about 25 and a half inches, and then the tallest about 15 and a quarter and front to back, okay.About 16 inches or just shy of 16 inches. Also one last thing on either side here, we do have a little pouch as well. So some smaller items can fit in there. And we also still have a few more spots for that tactical webbing. So if you want to attach any other stuff on the sides, you're able to do that as well. Definitely a handy thing to keep all your stuff organized. Keep it from just rolling around loose in your Jeep or any in any other vehicle where this scale fit should fit a lot of different areas that have a nice sized cargo area. I think it's going to be a negative, a nice addition to just about any kind of vehicle that's going to do it for me. I hope this video has been helpful again, I'm Ellen [email protected] Thanks for watching..

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