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Review of Weigh Safe Trailer Hitch Ball Mount - Adjustable Ball Mount - WS54FR

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Weigh Safe Trailer Hitch Ball Mount - Adjustable Ball Mount - WS54FR Review

Ellen: Hey everybody. I'm Ellen here at, and we're going to be taking a quick look at the 180 2-Ball Mount. This is a really nice option to mash a couple of things into one by having an adjustable ball mount. You hopefully won't ever need to have another one again. So that's always a great benefit. It also has the two different size balls so you can use it with multiple trailers, multiple trailer couplers as well.

You get the 2" and the 1.875" balls with this one. The thing that really makes this ball mount stand out from other adjustable ball mounts is the fact that it is made by Weigh Safe, and they take their time to really make a nice product. Also, it is made out of aluminum for the shank and the ball platform. The balls themselves are made out of stainless steel, but you might pick up a ball mount that's of similar size and it's just super heavy.This one, it's really not that bad at all. I'm not a bodybuilder, but this can easily be maneuverable.

It's easy to take on and off. Also, if you care about your stuff getting rusty, since it's mostly aluminum and then also stainless steel, really should never have to worry about this getting rusty or starting to look mucked up or anything like that. So very durable, lightweight, and should look good forever, really. For the life of the product it really should stay looking nice. As far as working with it, it slides in easily.

It looks really nice. All the edges are chamfered or smoothed off, so it just feels really good in the hand and should be a great addition to your towing setup. That said, let's jump in and talk a little bit more about specs. I'll give you a bunch of measurements to make sure it's the right fit for you.This does work in both the drop or rise position. Of course right now I have it in the drop position.

It does come with a lock to lock the ball platform to the shank. It does not come with a lock for your hitch, though, so that is something you'd have to pick up on your own. We do have a whole bunch of locks available here at If you want to stay brand loyal, there is a lock from Weigh Safe and you can find that as a related part on the product page here. So that aside, we can take a look at how this goes together. We've got this little rubber cap guide to seal up or cover over our lock. Always nice to keep out any kind of dirt or grime from getting in there. I wish this had a tether. I just feel like since this is a free agent, it's going to instantly get lost.It's not a huge deal if it does, but that's just always something that I think about. So unlock it, pull out that double pin. That makes for a really sturdy connection between the ball platform and the shank. Really not a lot of movement or wiggle here. It's a pretty tight tolerance, so that's always nice that it's not going to be just this super rattly bunch of stuff heading down the road. So if you wanted to change from the 2" ball to the 1.875", you just pull that off, flip it over, and put it back on. Ta-dah. That's all there really is to it. Or if you wanted to go from the drop to the rise position, again, super easy to do. Very nicely made. Slides together really nicely, and really just looks cool overall.But it should also give you good performance as well, because it doesn't matter if it's pretty if it doesn't work right. But Weigh Safe is a pretty good brand. Woops. Wrong side. The lock can really only go on one side and in one direction. I'll show you that here. So you can see there's a little bump out on that lock piece that needs to go on this side and towards the balls so that it can slide in, and then lock it. But again, Weigh Safe, they make a really good product. Should last you for years. They really make this out of some strong stuff. The aluminum is 6061-T billet aluminum, which is used in engineering products. It can be strong enough to create skyscrapers. It's a really strong aluminum billet, so you don't have to worry about any kind of issues there. And those hitch balls, made of stainless steel.Again, very rugged. You shouldn't have to worry about anything with that. Now, as far as measurements, as promised, let's talk about those. So the total drop or the max drop you can get out of this would be 8", and that's measured from the inside top edge of the receiver tube to the ball platform. Same thing for the rise. So it'd be going from the top edge of the hitch to this portion of the ball mount when it's at its highest position, and vice versa for the drop. The overall height going from the bottom of that adjustment shank to the top, 11". Front to back, it's 13". Now, as far as the other ones that I have there, just a few measurements for clearance. Going from the closest pin hole, there are two, and going to the adjustment hole, that is a difference or a distance of 4.375.If we go to the center of the ball, it's 8.5". And then to the back of the shank here, the adjustment shank, that is 3". Just to give you some ideas of the relation between all those things. The distance between those two hitch pin holes is 1.125", so you have a little bit of adjustment there to get it dialed in where you need it to be. As far as the adjustment hole spacing, they are spaced apart by 1". The hitch pin hole diameter is 0.625. Pretty typical for anything that's going to be in a 2x2" hitch, which this is for that.So that's pretty much all there is to it for our look at the 180 Hitch 2-Ball Mount. It is made in the USA and covered by a limited lifetime warranty, so you should be good for years with this ball mount. I think it looks really nice. It should work out well. As long as those measurements are within where you need them to be, should be great. So I hope this video has been helpful in deciding if this is the right ball mount for you. We do have a lot of other options available here at, so check them out. Thanks for watching.

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