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Review of Way Interglobal RV Stoves and Ovens - Outdoor Side by Side Grill and Griddle - WAY94FR

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Way Interglobal RV Stoves and Ovens - Outdoor Side by Side Grill and Griddle - WAY94FR Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today we're gonna take a look at the Greystone RV outdoor countertop side-by-side griddle and grill. Now, this cooktop will allow you to cook outside of your RV with this nice 25 inch wide cast iron grill and griddle combo. You can see they're right next to each other. Now this grill and griddle is a durable cast iron construction. Just wanted to lift this out.

The grill, itself, is about 5-1/2 pounds, and the griddle portion is even heavier, if we lift that out it's about 11 pounds. And the area to cook on both of these, the grill and the griddle, it's about 11 inches by about 16 inches this way. And again, you just drop these in over the burners. There's three burners in there. And this will just drop right into place, just like that, and you're all ready to go.

Now, also, if you notice right back here they have this nice three-sided windshield, and that's to keep any breeze or winds from cooling down your surface area of your cooktop, and it can also act as a splash guard. And when you go to transport, all you have to do is lift up on both sides, fold it in just like that and then it'll allow you to fold that down out of the way. And then when you go to set up, just go ahead and swing those out, drop em into the little slots, there, and it'll hold it right into place. Now I wanna zoom into the front, we're gonna talk about the knobs on this. The knobs you can see, there's three of em, one for each burner, and then what you'll do to operate em, now they do have the instructions on how to operate em right here, and it's very simple, but just to show you quickly what it is.

You can see there's a red arrow at the 12 o'clock position on each knob, pointing straight up, which means it's in the off position. So if you wanna ignite this burner, right over here, what you do is just push in and then rotate it counter-clockwise and you'll notice you hear that click when it hits the Light area, here, that means it's, that's the igniter you'll hear clicking and it'll light your burner for you. And then from there, you just rotate it whatever temperature you want your burner to be. High is all the way up here and then it'll go down to low. And then to turn it off, just push in again, turn it clockwise and line it right up there as far as it'll go and that'll be off.

And each one operates the same way, very easy operation. Now, also, on the very bottom, here, if you notice it has this nice drip tray under the complete area of the grill and the griddle. So you just lift up on it, slide it out and you'll have access to clean it, and it does come completely out if you want. Wash it off, wipe it down, go ahead and line it back up on that, slide it all the way in, and when you get far enough it'll drop and lock right into place and you're all ready to go. Also over on this corner you'll see this little handle, here, this is a grease cup. Basically on your griddle, since your griddle is gonna be solid, your grease, or that, won't fall through, so it's gonna build up in there and you can push it all to this corner, and there's a hole here that it'll drop into this grease cup and then once it's cooled down you can take it out, clean it out, slide it back in, and you're all ready to go again. Very nice little feature there. Now on the very back of this there is a nice single gas line hook-up. Gonna zoom back out. And these components, all these components, are very easy to clean. The last thing I wanna give you some dimensions on this. It does come with this instruction booklet that'll describe how to hook it up and how it operates. But some dimensions on this if we go overall width, from here to here, and that's gonna be right at 25-3/8 inches wide. The depth, and I wanna measure the depth, I'm gonna go from the front where these handles stick out the furthest to the very back of the cooktop and it's gonna be right at about 20-1/2 inches deep. Now that gas line in the back, we mentioned, it does stick out an extra two inches, so if you wanna add that that'll add two more inches. And then the very height of this, and I'm gonna measure with the windshield up, and it has the four feet, two on each side here. So from the very bottom, here, to the top of the windshield is right at 10 inches tall. But that should do it for the review on this Greystone RV outdoor countertop side-by-side griddle and grill..

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