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Wallace Forge Flat Mount Trailer Coupler - - FC25 Review

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Review of Wallace Forge Trailer Coupler FC25

Today we're going to take a quick look at the Wallace Forge flat mount trailer coupler part #FC25. This cast trailer coupler has a gross trailer weight capacity of 25,000lbs. It's designed to work with trailer hitch balls that measure 2 5/16 inches. On the back of the coupler are four mounting holes that are spaced 4 1/2 inches apart center to center in a square pattern. The overall length of the coupler measures about 8 3/4 inches. Now we want to show you the way the latch mechanism operates.

On this side of the coupler is a securing pin attached to the coupler with a chain lanyard so you don't lose it. To open the latch we'll need to remove this pin. Then we'll take our handle, pull it out and rotate it down. What this does is it moves the wedge that sits at the back of the ball, back away from the ball so it can come in and out. We'll take a look at that from the underside.

Again, we'll pull the handle out and rotate it forward. As we rotate forward the latch moves back. Now, we have a 2 5/16 ball with us, so we'll show you how it works in conjunction with an actual ball. We've got our socket opened, fit our ball into place and as we let the handle rotate forward and in the wedge moves forward securing around the backside of the ball. Now our ball is completely captive and can't come out, but it has got enough smooth travel that the trailer will track nicely behind your tow vehicle.

Once the pin is upright and pushed all the way forward we can reinsert our security pin on the other side. And that's it for our quick look at the Wallace Forge flat mount trailer coupler part #: FC25.