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Wallace Forge Flat Mount Trailer Coupler - - FMC251614 Review

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Review of Wallace Forge Flat Mount Trailer Coupler FMC251614

Today we're going to be taking a look at a flat mount trailer coupler. This ball coupler lets you hook up your trailer to your tow vehicle. It's going to provide a connection point for your hitch ball. It's designed to accept a 2-5/16" hitch ball. Features a thumb latch mechanism that makes it easy to clamp around the ball, and the flat mounting plate bolts directly to your trailer. Hardware to do that's not included, so you will need to provide that on your own.

It's made from a sturdy steel construction with a black powder coated finish so it protects the unit from rust and corrosion. The finish on the unit is matte black which looks really good. I do want to point out that this unit comes with two different pins. You're going to have this one right here, and this is a 3/8" diameter pin. It simply sits behind that socket mechanism there on the inside, locks it in place. Then you're going to have your traditional coupler pin here at the top which keeps the latch in the engaged position.

Both of those are designed to work together to increase security at the connection point. Now if you want to add security when your trailer is unattended you can use these, but they don't actually lock, so I would recommend upgrading this pin right here to a coupler lock. You can find them here at They are sold separately. You just need to make sure that the pin diameter is less than 5/16", so a 1/4" pin diameter would work really well, and that you need to make sure that the minimum span or the usable pin length is at least 7/8" for that coupler lock. If you're interested in upgrading, again they are sold separately and available at When you're ready to operate the thumb latch mechanism you will need to remove that pin right there, and to make your connection to your ball you'll need to remove that one as well.

Lift up on the mechanism and pull back. It's going to hold it in the open position, then you can drop this onto your 2-5/16" ball, push the latch forward, simply reinstall both pins. A few measurements to go over with you real quick. I took a measurement of the overall length of the unit, so from the back of the mounting plate to the furthest out point of the coupler, it's got that nice rolled lip design, it's going to be about 7-1/2" deep. The mounting plate is a square design, it measures 6" that direction, so that means it's going to measure 6" this direction. The mount holes on this unit are separated on center by 4-1/2".

That's a square design too, so that's going to be the same separation between each mount hole. The plate thickness is a 1/2" thick. The mount hole diameters, or the bolt hole diameters, those all measure 5/8" in diameter. This unit features a weight capacity of 14,000 pounds. That's going to do it for today's look at the flat mount trailer coupler.