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Wagan Jumper Cables and Starters - Jumper Box - WC7556 Review

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Review of Wagan Jumper Cables and Starters WC7556

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Wagan JumpBoost V10 Air. This jump pack and air compressor is the perfect roadside tool to help out in case of emergencies. It also has some nice built in features that'll help you out when you do get to your destination. Now this is suited to work for four cylinder up to ten cylinder engines anywhere in between. It takes up minimal space. It's pretty handy to have for emergencies or while camping and tailgating.We'll go over some features of it.

We'll start here at the front side of the pack. Let's kind of work from the top here, you see we've got our air inflation gauge. Now this measures both the bar and PSI and it goes up to 150 PSI. Just below it here you'll see our LED work light. It's a nice bright light.

It's a COB style LED. Those tend to be very resilient and very dependable. We'll have a battery status button it's going to be right here. We can see it's going to give us a readout there indicating in 25% increments how much charge that we have left. We also have two LEDs just over to the side of that right here.

One indicates charging. One's going to indicate full. This is going to indicate to us what the charge status of the pack is. Whether it's fully charged or we still need to leave it on a little bit longer.We also have the 12 volt DC outlet here. This is going to work out really well for all the standard size 12 volt plugs.

This little circle that we've got right here, this is for your 12 volt DC, or I'm sorry this is going to be for your DC or AC charger. The DC typically is a cigarette lighter plug. The AC is actually going to be one that you would plug into the wall. Also we're going to have two USB ports here. Now these, they deliver 2.4 amps of shared power. So if we're using one charger it's going to be on the fast charge side at 2.4 amps. When we use two, it'll be the standard 2.1 amps for each.Then we're also going to have our on and off switch here for the compressor. Now to connect this to our battery for our jump start purposes, we have the cables secured to each side. Now you'll see in the corners here, down here and then on this backside, they've got cable keepers in there. That allows you to slide the cable in and holds it in place. Its seems to be very secure compared to some of the other options out there where they typically just hang around.Now we'll squeeze the handle, you see that's going to pull out. Of course we're going to have our copper contacts inside here. The spring pressure on the clamp is pretty fair. I would say this is going to do a really good job of holding on to your battery terminals. One thing you will want to notice, the hinge portion here it has a steel stud through it but the outside is made of plastic. Now that's really common in this style of pack. They don't seem any stronger or any weaker than other jump packs I've handled so I don't think there's any real pro or con to that. Now of course if it was a full metal clamp that would add a little bit of strength so that would be something we like. Then there's a little stud here that sticks out that's for that middle part of that clamp. Open it up, slide it on. As you can see everything's held in place there pretty nicely.On the bottom of our pack we have the air hose. This one's set up is designed, which let me release it here, pull that out and it's going to go over out of this little notch hole that we have here. That way we can set our compressor right down and use it. It's going to give us about 22 inches of total hose length in this style. This also has a good storage system on the bottom. It has the clips all the way around. That's going to help hold the compressor, or I'm sorry the air hose in place for us so it's not just going to be kind of flipping around. I think this storage method is a lot easier than trying to cram it into the little slots or the little compartments that we've been used to before. On the end it does have the lever lock. This is going to hold it in place while you're inflating your tires or to hold our recreation adapters. Now these are going to be located in the rear storage compartment along with our chargers.So let's take a look at those now. You see how that tucks in very nice and conveniently there. It doesn't stick out below the unit so you're not going to have to worry about it getting pinched or anything. And then finally around to that rear storage compartment area. There's a good amount of space in here. You can see it's going to come with the small and large inflation valves and also one for your recreational type balls. Basketballs, soccer balls, things like that. Plus we're going to have our two chargers in there. There's the one that's going to plug into the wall. There's the one that plugs into our 12 volt DC outlet. So you could put, charge this right off your vehicle after you've used it.And there is one replacement fuse for that so gives you a little bit of extra security and a little bit of backup. This storage compartment, as we said it's a good size. You're not trying to cram a bunch of stuff in here. It's not that difficult to use and you will notice we've got a little bit of extra space in here so if you had some tire patches or plugs or something like that that you wanted to take along too, I think they're going to hold them pretty nicely.Now a couple of examples of run time when we're using the 12 volt outlet here on the front, would be like with a cell phone charger, those are typically around 20 watts, it's going to last about 8.4 hours. A 13 inch color TV, those are around 70 watts, you get about 1.9 hours worth of use out of this. And then for work lights, they're about 100 watts. At that point you're going to be at about 1.2 hours. So just a few things for reference there to give you an idea. So that should could kind of wrap up our look at the Wagan JumpBoost V10 Air.

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