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Vision X Off Road Lights - Single Light - XIL-OPR110 Review

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Review of Vision X Off Road Lights XIL-OPR110

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna take a look at the Vision X 3 3/4 inch diameter optimus round LED prime pod light. Now this is an off road LED pod light, provides bright, focus light, as it gives off a narrow 10 degree spot beam, which is ideal for high speed off road applications. Superior light output. It uses a single 10 watt LED. Pairs with the iris reflector, produces about 883 feet of a super bright light. The light can be dimmed to 50% by hooking on a Vision X dimmer, which we do sell separately on our website.

This does give you maximum efficiency with minimal heat. The premium LEDs have a 50000 hour lifespan and are driven to 90% of light emitting potential. It does use an electronic thermal management pulse with modulation, which will allow for highest potential light output at all times. Has the channel fins you can see on the housing to let the heat quickly dissipate. It is a durable, weather resistant construction.

Has a nice rugged black powder coat aluminum housing. It's very lightweight and rust proof.Uses a high tensile 304 stainless steel hardware to withstand the vibration, and the lens is an impact resistant polycarbonate lens. Has a scratch resistant coating on it. This light is IP68 waterproof rated. It is an easy installation with the included components here on the table.

The compact light will mount to your bumper, your grill guard, your inaudible 00:01:23, or your roof for a nice, rugged look. It uses a universal single bolt pedestal style bracket. Provides a nice, sturdy base and it'll let you adjust the angle of the light. Does come with the included Allen wrench to tighten it down when you get it at the correct angle, and it also comes with this nice weatherproof triple sealed dolich connector to plug it in. Now I am gonna hook this up with some 12 volt power just to show you how bright it is.A few specs on this, again, it's one diode.

Wattage is 10 watts. Power draw is .83 amps. Input voltage, 12 volts, 32 volts DC. The light output on this, the effective lumen output, is 736 lumens. The raw lumen output is 1052 lumens. The beam again that it gives off is 883 feet long, 33 feet wide, and it is a narrow 10 degree spot. Give you the dimension on this, the diameter again is gonna be right at 3 3/4 inches, and the depth on it is right at about 3 13/16 of an inch.So what we're gonna do now is hook it up to some power. I'm gonna take the dolich connector, and what's nice about it, when they say triple seal, you can see it has the seals right there, so when you push it in you can feel and it'll click and make a nice weatherproof seal. And you have your two connectors there. So we'll go ahead and hook up our connectors, and then I'll turn on the power, turn off the lights just to show you how bright it is, and this is a very bright light. So what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna point it down, and gonna turn on the power. And you can see with the power on, let me turn the lights off, give you a better idea of how bright it is. You can see, very bright, and again, it has the narrow 10 degree spot beam. Try to show it on the back wall here. You can see it's a very bright. And we'll go ahead and turn off our 12 volt, turn back on our overhead lights.But that should do it for the review on the Vision X 3 3/4 inch diameter optimus round LED prime pod light.

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