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Vision X Off Road Lights - Single Light - XIL-MX110 Review

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Review of Vision X Off Road Lights XIL-MX110

Today, we're going to review Part Number XIL-MX110. This is the Vision X 5-Watt LED Solstice Mini Solo Pod Light with a narrow spot beam pattern. Now this part number will include everything shown here. The light, the Deutsch connector, the Omni-Link Interlocking System Adapter, the single pedestal mounting bracket, and an Allen wrench for tightening the bolts down. Now, this multipurpose LED pod light will provide a bright focus light. It has a compact, lightweight design. Great for tight spaces.

The pattern it gives off is a narrow 10-degree spot beam which is ideal for high speed off-road applications. Does have superior light output. Uses a single 5-watt LED, help 00:00:44 produce about 190 feet of super bright light. It does give you maximum efficiency with minimal heat. The premium LED used in this has a 50,000-hour lifespan and is driven to 90% of its light-emitting potential. Now even though it says a 50,000-hour lifespan, you do have to remember this also has a limited lifetime warranty.

This does use the electronic thermal management or ETM technology, and that will allow for your highest potential light output at all times. If you notice on the light itself, the housing, it does have channeled fins on it that will let the heat quickly dissipate. It has a durable, weather-resistant construction. Has a nice, rugged, black powder coat aluminum housing which is lightweight and rustproof. The lens on it is an impact-resistant polycarbonate lens which has a scratch-resistant coating. Then the mounting bracket, they use a high-tensile stainless steel hardware to help withstand vibration. It is a very installation with these included components.

There's multiple mounting options that we also offer that are sold separately on our website that will allow you to attach this to handlebars, helmets, or any type of round tubing. It does come with this universal, single-bolt, pedestal-style bracket that provides a sturdy mounting base. The nice thing about it is, this part right here, you just see these slots here, it will slide, there you go, just like that. It slides right into place. Then you take your bolt and put it in there and tighten it down. Then once you do that, you have your mounting bracket already installed.

Then it also gives you a nice . Adjust the angle. You can just adjust it to what angle you want it pointed at, and then use the wrench to tighten that down. The other nice thing ti comes with is the Omni-Link Interlocking System Adapter. What's nice about that, it uses the same slots. There's four different slots here that you can use, and you slide that in, use the bolt to attach that, and what this will allow you to do is you can connect other pod lights to it. There's two other connectors once you install this, that you can connect to it and have a whole group of lights together. Now it also includes the pigtail Deutsch connector right here. Let's open it up and I'll show you. Has the pigtail ends on it. Has a red wire for the power, black wire for the ground. On this end is the Deutsch connector. This orange ring right here has the triple seals on it. What's nice about that is when you go to plug this into your light, as you push it in, it's a very snug, tight fit. Push it all the way, it will click and lock into place. That triple seal in there will give you a nice, weather-proof seal to keep any elements from getting into your connection point. The specs on this again, the quantity is for one light. Uses one diode, 5 watts. Power draw is 0.42 amps. The input voltage is 9 volts to 32 volts DC. Again, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Now the light output on this light, the effective lumen output is 365 lumens. The raw lumen output is 493 lumens. Now when this is turned on, the beam will be 190' long by 29' wide, and again, it's a narrow 10-degree spot pattern. The diameter on this is about 1-5/8" wide and about 2-3/8" deep. What I'm going to do now is I got a 12-volt power supply here, we're going to plug it in. Then once it's plugged in, what I'm going to do is actually zoom out some just so we can show a pattern on the wall what it's going to look like. I'm going to go ahead and turn off the overhead lights, go ahead and turn on the power, and you'll be able to see the beam that it shoots out. It's, again, a narrow 10-degree spot beam. I'm just going to rotate it, put it back on the wall here, so we got a good idea of the pattern of the light. I'll go ahead and turn off the power. I'm going to turn the lights back on. That should do it for the review on Part Number XIL-MX110, the Vision X 5-Watt LED Solstice Mini Solo Pod Light with the narrow spot beam pattern. .

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