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Review of Vision X Off Road Lights - Light Bar - XPL-H9EMH

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Vision X Off Road Lights - Light Bar - XPL-H9EMH Review

Today we're gonna take a look at the Vision X XPL LED off road light bar. This is going to be a weatherproof light with 3,371 lumens, a spot-beam design, and 13 inches long.Now this is going to be a great addition to our off road vehicle, whether that's a ATV, UTV, a Jeep, truck, whatever it might be. This is gonna give us a very bright light that's gonna reach a very great distance. It's gonna be a low profile LED bar. We'll have our Cree LEDs. These are gonna give us a very bright focused light.

The reflectors in here are gonna an iris reflector that's gonna amplify our LEDs' brightness to make that light go even further. And these are going to be Cree LEDs, so they have a diffusing lens and reflector system to give us that optimal light distribution. And it also is gonna have modulated diffusers to remove any hot spots or glare from our lighting element. So we don't have to worry about there being a really bright one spot. It's gonna be a nice continuous bright light.Now this is going to give us that bright white light up to 1,083 feet away.

So that spot beam is gonna be very focused, very bright, and very far-reaching. Our housing is gonna be made of a durable aluminum, which is nice for a couple of reasons. It's going to be rust-proof, for one, that's . there's no worries about this rusting out, looking bad over time. There's no corrosion to worry about with this.

It's gonna stay looking nice for a really long time. And that also means that it's gonna be able to dissipate heat better, because of the fins on the back here. That's going to let that heat dissipate over that greater surface area that the fins have.And also since it's a aluminum construction, it's gonna be very durable but still be pretty lightweight. So it's not gonna be a super heavy thing to get installed on your vehicle. Our lens is gonna be made of a durable polycarbonate with a scratch-resistant coating.

And we'll have a couple different options when it comes to mounting. We'll have these brackets which can either mount up to the side. You can flip those in, too, if you need a little bit narrower base.Basically you'll just put the rubber grommets in place over the mounting holes there on either side, put your brackets on, the hardware in, tighten it all down. And then for the bottom channel on that bracket, you'll have your bolts, washer, and lock nut to secure those to a bracket or some other mounting position on your vehicle. You might need to drill a hole to get those installed, so keep that in mind.Or instead of using the side brackets, we can mount our curve brackets, or our mounting feet, on the back. Basically this little curved channel is going to match up with the back of our light, and we'll have our little grommet to go on the back of the light as well. You just need to measure out where you need it to be, and then this is gonna fit in that channel there, kind of at the bottom of the light. And then you can slide in the nut from the side . or the bolt from the side. Put that through like this. And then slide it through the channel. And that gives you a really nice adjustability. You can get this put pretty much anywhere you need it to be, so if you need it to be a little off-set, or you kind of have an awkward position that it needs to be in, it can give you just that greater variability there. Then you'd put your nut in place on the back to get that all tightened down.All of our bolts are going to have Loctite already installed, so they're gonna do a great job of staying in place. You don't have to worry about any bolts backing out over time, which is especially good for going out on any off road terrain. Going through a lot of vibrations, things tend to kind of rattle apart but since they already have that Loctite on there, we've got locking nuts for all of our attachment points. We shouldn't have to worry about anything getting loosened up.As far as the wiring aspect of this, we'll have our connection here at the back, with an additional connection for our halo lights. Now that's gonna be a running . daytime running light. It's gonna be this surface here around our LEDs, and that's also gonna be SAE compliant for a daytime running light. So that housing is just gonna plug into our one wire harness here. It has a little grommet to make it a weatherproof connection. And then we'll just need to connect our white wire to our power. And then also our . our white wire and our red ring terminal, those are gonna go to the power, and then our black ring terminal is gonna go to ground.These are going to connect into a in-line fuse holder here, so we can have all of our connections protected. This is going to be a 30-amp fuse, and we're also going to have a relay to put in place. So that's gonna give us some protection against any back feed, any shorts that might occur from our light or our wiring.So turn our power on here. Can see our light is gonna be a really nice bright light. If we turn the switch, that'll turn our light off, and then if I turn my power off, you'll see the difference between our running LED light. Turn the lights out in the studio, get a little bit better idea of how bright that's gonna be. It's not super bright, it's just intended to be that running light circuit. And then flipping the switch on our harness, that's gonna have a little light too, whenever it's turned on. It's a little bit hard to see there, but it is lit up on that switch itself.But as you can see, it's going to be a very power, very bright light. It's kind of blowing out everything on the table here. So really bright, very nice, focused bright light for when we're traveling at night. It's gonna give us plenty of illumination there.Turn our lights back on in the studio, off on the light. So this is going to be a pretty simple installation. Again, we'll just need to make our connections there to power and ground. Whenever you're making your connection to that power wire for our halo circuit, I would suggest picking up some heat-shrink butt 00:07:04 connectors for this. Since this is going to be living outside you want a nice durable connection to maintain the waterproofness of all these connections. We do sell those at, so definitely pick those up.Now as far as our other specs for our light, this is again going to be 13 inches long. My ruler is just 13 inches long to the very end there. And then it's going to be two inches tall, and 2 3/16 deep. Again, it does have that beam distance of 1,083 feet, so plenty of distance so we can see what's going on in front of us, even if we're going at a pretty good clip on the trail.Our light output, the effective lumens that this is rated for is gonna be that 3,371 lumens. The raw output is gonna be higher, that's 4,815 lumens, but keep in mind the raw output is always going to be higher since that's just what the LEDs are capable of at peak, top, like ideal conditions with no lens in front. So more realistic is going to be that effective lumen output, that's the number to really pay attention to. And that's, again, gonna give us a really high output of light, that 3,371 lumens.We'll have our nine diodes in total. The wattage for this is gonna be 45 watts. Our input voltage is gonna be between nine and 32 volts DC. The power draw for this at 12 volts is gonna be 3.75 amps. Operating temperature can go between -40 degrees Fahrenheit up to to 176 degrees Fahrenheit, so it's gonna be very durable no matter where you are, what kind of weather conditions, and it also is IP rated at IP 68. So again, rain, snow, sleet, dust, mud, anything like that won't be able to get into the housing. It's pretty much rated up to being submerged. So as long as it's just being sprayed, and you're not completely underwater, this light is gonna hold up to just about anything you can throw at it.This also has a limited lifetime warranty from Vision X.And that's gonna do it for our look at the Vision X XPL LED off road light bar with a weatherproof design, spot beam light, and 13 inches long.

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