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Vision X Vehicle Lights - Replacement Bulbs - VX-HH4 Review

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Review of Vision X Lights VX-HH4

Today we're going to review part number VX-HH4. This is the Vision X H4 Halogen Headlight Bulbs, Premium White in color. These are the high-wattage bulbs. They come as a quantity of 2. These will come to you in this nice, hard, plastic case which protects the bulbs from any damage. When you get them, you just pop them open. Once you get access to the bulbs, one thing I do want to recommend when you handle the bulbs, you want to handle them by the metal base. You want to try not to ever touch the glass portion with your hands because what happens is everybody has oil on their fingers.

If you touch that glass portion, the oil will transfer to the bulb. Then when the bulb's installed and turned on, it could cause that oil on the bulb to shatter the bulb or crack the bulb. Anytime you handle them with your hands, you want to handle them by the metal base. These are high-wattage halogen bulbs which will replace your vehicle's factory headlight bulbs. It gives you an improved brightness and increased visibility. This one is a Premium White light will shine up to about 45% brighter and up to about 40% further than factory bulbs. That's good because it'll reflect better off of your road signs and markers along the highway. This does have a high-color temperature which improves visibility and promotes driver awareness.

It also increases your depth perception and it reduces eye strain and fatigue. This is a durable, long-lasting construction. It has a 250-hour lifespan. It is a fast and easy installation. Basically, you can just plug this into your vehicle's existing headlamp sockets. In bulbs like this, which are the high-wattage, these we do recommend to you a plug-and-play harness with a relay. We do sell that separately.

It is recommended because when you go to a higher wattage, it's better for your vehicle's wiring system. We do sell that heavy duty harness and relay. This is it right there. We sell this separately on our website also. It's part number P230004HW. If you want to buy the bulb with the harness all as one part, we also sell that. It is part number VX-HH4-R.

That would be these bulbs with the wire and harness also. The specs on this - this part comes as a quantity of 2 bulbs. The bulb type is an H$. The wattage on this, the low beam is 90 watts at 12 volts, the high beam is 100 watts at 12 volts. The brightness on this is 900 lumens. The color temperature is 4,800 degrees Kelvin. These do come with a one-year warranty. That should do it for the review on part number VX-HH4, the Vision X H4 Halogen Headlight Bulbs, Premium White in color. These are high-wattage. .

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