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Vision X Vehicle Lights - Headlight - VX-575 Review

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Review of Vision X Lights VX-575

Today we're going to review part number VX-575. This is the Vision X Sealed Beam to Halogen Headlight Conversion Kit for 5 and 3/4 inch round headlights. Now, this conversion kit will let you replace your vehicle's 5 3/4 inch round sealed beam headlights with halogen lamps. The lights will act as direct replacements from most OEM headlamps. The multi-surface reflectors provide up to 30 percent more light output than factory housings. Now, if you do use this with Vision X Halogen Bulbs, it will actually get you up to 60 percent more light. That as we do sell separately.

Now the light itself, uses a hardened borosilicate glass lens and a die-cast aluminum housing which makes the light very strong and rustproof. These are Department of Transportation certified. The specs on this again. The diameter of them is 5 3/4 inch diameter. The bulb type they used is a 9007. I have an example here, this is a, I pulled a Vision X Halogen Bulb 9007, I'm going to show you how these installs in there.

These are sold separately. The OEM cross reference bulb is H5001/H5006. This part does come with a one year warranty. Now, to show you with this bulb, which we'll end up doing. Now, this part will include, it comes with the lights here, and these connectors. The bulbs are not included, you would have to purchase those separately.

I just want to show you an example, here's a Vision X Halogen Bulb. What you would do is on the back here, just unscrew the plastic retaining ring. Then what you'll do is on the halogen bulb, you'll see three cut outs on the bulb right up there. Then there's three little pins in the light themselves. What you want to do is get those to line up.

Once you get them to line up and you can just push it in, you can see the bulbs installed. What you'll do is take this retaining ring, put in on top and just tightened it down. That'll hold this into place. Then with the bulb installed, you'll take your connector, go ahead and push it in, install it. Now, it's all pushed in, you're ready to go. This will plug into the plug in on your vehicle. Then you've changed your sealed beam headlights to the halogen headlights. Very simple, easy to do installation. That should do it for the review on part number X-575. The Vision X Sealed Beam to Halogen Headlight Conversion Kit for 5 and 3/4 inch round headlights. .

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