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Vision X Trailer Lights - Utility Lights - DURA-640 Review

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Review of Vision X Lights DURA-640

Today we're going to review part number DURA-640. This is the Vision X Duralux 30 watt LED flood light with a 40 degree beam. This part number includes everything shown here, the light with the pedestal base, the deutsch connector, the mounting bolt, stainless steel mounting bolt, and then the allen wrench which is used to, there's a bolt on each side that the light's connected to the bracket and if you can adjust it, you can use this allen bold to tighten it down, or loosen it up, whichever you need. This is an LED work light which produces a bright flood beam. It gives you a wide 40 degree flood beam which is ideal for industrial, commercial, and fleet applications. It gives you a very good superior light output from the 6 5-watt LEDs to give you the 30 watt output. Now, this gives you maximum efficiency with minimal heat.

Basically, these premium LEDs have a 50,000 hour life span and they're driven to 90% of their light emitting potential. This light does use the electronic thermal management (ETM) technology which allows for highest potential light output at all times. The very back of the light, you can see the housing has the channeled fins on it to let the heat quickly dissipate. It's a durable weather resistant construction. It's a rugged black powder coat aluminum housing which is lightweight and rust proof. The bolt to mount the mounting bracket is a high tensile stainless steel bolt which will withstand vibrations.

The lens on the slide is an impact resistant poly carbonate lens. It has a scratch resistant coating. This light is a very easy installation with these included components. Basically what you'll do is this mounting bracket you can see can be installed by just using this stainless steel bolt, it has a lock nut on it, you can install it that way. The other nice thing is once this is installed, the bracket is adjustable. As you can see, you can adjust it to the angle of the light you need.

Once you get it to a spot and you don't want to move it, you can use this wrench to tighten those bolts down to hold it into place. It also includes this pigtail wiring harness. It has the industry standard triple sealed deutsch connector right here. I'm going to show you a close up later on here how that connects. The specs on this light, it's a quantity of one light, the 6 diodes, the wattage is 30 watts, the power draw on this is 2.5 amps. The input voltage is 11 volts to 65 volts DC.

It does come with a limited lifetime warranty. Now on the light itself, the output, the effective lumen output is 2,071 lumens. The raw lumen output is 2,958 lumens. The beam, when it's turned on, is about 311 feet long, about 75 feet wide, and it is a wide 40 degree flood pattern. Dimensions on this light, roughly long, about 5 3/8 inches. The height on it is about 4 inches and the depth from here to here, about 2 1/2 inches. What I'm going to show you here is, we've mentioned this deutsch connector. We're going to try to zoom in here just to give you an idea. Here's your deutsch connector. The nice thing about this is if you see that orange area right around the end here, those are actually triple seals, there's three rubber seals there. What happens is on your light, right here the connector on your light, you can see it has the pins in it. There we go. You'll take your deutsch connector and you just line it up, slide it into place where the top lock will line up. When you push it, it's a very snug fit. It pushes in, locks into place and those triple seal rubber in there will actually keep any elements from getting to your wire connection. Then what you can do is hook up your pigtail wires, the black is the ground, the red is your power wire. I'm going to hook this up to give you an idea. Let's go back out. There we go. Now what I'm going to do is I do have a 12 volt power source right here. We'll hook it up and then turn off the overhead lights to give you an idea how bright this light is. OK, we've got it all hooked up. I'm going to point it down so it's not pointing up there. What we're going to do is turn off the overhead lights. We've got the overhead lights off, we're going to turn on the 12 volt power supply and there you can see the brightness of this flood light. Again it's 30 watt output, LEDs, 40 degree beam. We'll go ahead and turn that off. We'll go ahead and turn the overhead lights back on. That should do it for the review on part number DURA-640. This is the Vision X Duralux 30 watt LED flood light with the 40 degree beam. .

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