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Valterra RV Sewer - Hose Carrier - A04-0150XBK Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at And today we're going to be taking a look at the Valterra hose carrier. So this is a nice compact way to store your hoses and keep them up and out of the way and keep them from being a jumbled tangled mess in your RV. Also, if you're using your hoses for your sewer system or anything like that, that can be kind of messy, maybe you don't want them touching other stuff. So this helps to keep them contained, organized, and out of your way.

This is going to mount pretty much anywhere you want it. Some people mount them underneath their camper or their RV. Some people like to put them inside a storage compartment, one of those undercarriage storage compartments.Since this one is kind of a smaller length. There are other lengths available. Since this one is so short, I think that it would work really well in an underbody storage compartment.

Usually it's going to be mounted like this, so the brackets are facing up towards the ceiling where you're going to mount it. And then the ends open up, by just a quarter of a turn and pop open. The nice thing is that they have a little tether, so you don't lose that cap whenever you open that up. And then also they do include the hardware to mount each side. So you'll get four screws to run into a block of wood, or maybe into the underbody.

It kind of depends on how you want to do that. They look like pretty good-sized self-tapping screws, so they should hold pretty well to mount your tube in place.To fasten that back up, just turn it again. And there's a couple little tabs down here at the bottom, so if you wanted to lock this, you can get a little padlock to go in there, keep anybody out of it. If you have it mounted outside your vehicle, makes it pretty easy to do there. Take a little closer look at it so you can get a better idea of how that cap works.

Again, it's pretty simple. Just turn it to open that up. It does have a little guide to help you figure out which direction you need to turn to open it, and then just line it back up.It's a little easier to do those when you're actually facing it. For me, I'm kind of reaching around, which you really wouldn't be doing normally to close that up. As far as measurements with this, the overall length from outside outside to outside or from cap to cap is 29 inches. The actual usable length inside is going to be 26 inches. Our outer diameter is five inches. Again, the usable space inside there, the inner diameter, is 4 3/8. The distance from your mounting brackets across, or length-wise, that's going to be 25 1/2 inches, center to center. And then the brackets to mount this up are going to be six inches long by an inch. And the distance between those two holes is 5 1/4 inch, again, center and center.So a nice, easy way to keep things organized. It's going to be a nice plastic construction, so you don't have to worry about this rusting out or anything like that. It's kind of an advantage with the plastic. And that's pretty much all there is to it. As I mentioned, there are other sizes, 46 inches, 64, and 94, so you can get the right size for you. This is the smallest one that we carry here at So hopefully this is the one that you need. But again, if not, check us out here at etrailer. We should have one to get you on the road and get you what you need. Thanks for watching, and we'll see you next time.

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