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Review of Valterra Pet Supplies - Food and Water Bowls - Travel Bags - VA44ZR

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Valterra Pet Supplies - Food and Water Bowls - Travel Bags - VA44ZR Review

Today we're going to take a look at the pet travel bag with the two collapsible bowls and the two storage containers. Now this nice travel bag will let you easily pack and store your pet's essentials when you're traveling. It is a nice padded bag, helps you carry all your items. You can see on the sides here, it has mesh pockets that you can put water bottles in on both sides. On the back it also has a mesh pocket, you put any toys or other accessories in. And also on the inside, I'll show you when I open this up, there's a mesh pocket on the top of the lid also to store things in and it's a zipper pocket.

You can see on this, it does include this adjustable shoulder strap if you prefer to carry it on your shoulder, it has a nice padding on it. If not, you can just unclip it and just use the handle like this that comes with it.So to open it up, you just disconnect it here, open your handles, and then just open it up, the zippers, and you can see on the inside all the padding, even has a nice divider. Now if you don't want the divider in there, it's just hooked on there by hook and loop fasteners, you can remove the divider if you want to use the whole entire bag. I had mentioned on the top, here's the mesh zipper pocket. Lets see if you open the zipper, give you a secure storage for any items also.

Now it does come with these two collapsible water and fruit bowls that make eating on the go or drinking on the go very easy, and you just collapse them down when you want to store them, just like that. It also comes with these two storage containers. They are lined and zippered also just like the bag itself. So if you open the zipper, it's on three corners, three sides, you can see its lined so you can put dry food in there, treats, things like that. Has a little hand on the top that you can carry it with.

And they're both about the same size.Also, the nice thing I wanted to show you, if you look on the front here, has a zippered. if you open that up all the way that'll fall down. And it gives you a nice place mat, that when you're feeding your dog you can put your food in there, put your water in there, put it down on the mat and it has a place for your dog to eat and drink from. And the other nice thing is on that mat, if we just collapse these, this mat is actually removable. It's just held in by four elastic straps on each corner.

You can take that out, clean it, wash it, put it back in so it stays clean. And then when you're not using it, just go ahead and zipper it shut, just like that.Now one of the other nice features it has on this, if I swing this around to the back, you can see there's the mesh we had talked about, but if you look through this, if I put my hand through here, it's a pass through panel. It goes all the way through, and that's to attach this travel bag to a handle on your rolling luggage. So when you extend your handle out, you can slide this on there to help you carry this on with luggage. Does it even include a luggage ID tag on this bag.Now a few dimensions on the bag, overall height of it, it's going to be about 10 7/8 inches tall. Overall width on it is about 11.5 inches wide. Total depth on it is right at about 6.5 inches deep. And it weighs right about a 1.8, so just a little over 1.5 pounds. So again, if you're ready to put your stuff in and get these all collapsed, put them together. Just a little bit larger side, you can put them all the way at the bottom just like that. And you can take your bag, put one in there. Take your other bag, put it on top of it. And it stores pretty good, leaves this all open. If you want to just put them on either side and leave the top open, so you can do it either way. I'm just going to put them back in there. Put our lid back up there. Go ahead and zip the zipper shut. Take our handle, put it together and carry it just like that. But that should do it for the review on the pet travel bag with the two collapsible bowls and the two storage containers.

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