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Ultra-Fab Products Camper Jack - Leveling Jack - UF48-979006 Review

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Review of Ultra-Fab ProduCTS Trailer Jack UF48-979006

Today, we're going to review Part Number UF48-979006. This is the Ultra Fab Ultra Scissor Jack. It has a 24-inch lift, and a 6,500-pound weight capacity. Now, this Scissor Jack will help to raise and stabilize your fifth wheel trailer, travel trailer, and a horse and cargo trailer. It has a heavy duty worm gear on the inside. This type of mechanism will prevent slippage and it's perfect for stabilizing loads. The very bottom, the foot plate.

It has a very large foot plate, which provides excellent stability. The dimension on the foot plate is 9 inches long and 4 1/2 inches wide. Now, this Jack is a bolt-on or weld-on installation. You can see this part right here, is what would be bolted or welded onto the bottom of your trailer. The mounting plate dimension is going to be 3 1/2 inches wide and 7 1/4 inches long, and it does have multiple holes to fit most applications.

You can see the multiple holes on the plate there. Now, the mounting hardware to mount this is not included. Now, the crank handle, which is used on this is also not included. We do sell that separately. I have an example of that crank handle right here. This is Part Number EAL-24033.

This is the manual crank handle for the Scissor Jack and has a 3/4-inch drive-on-the-end socket. Basically, if you would just put that in there and then you just crank it. Just like that, to open it up, or clockwise, to lower it. Now, we also recommend if you're wanting to do it a lot quicker, we do sell this related product. This is the Part Number UF48-979005. This is the Ultra Fab Speed Socket Power Drill Adapter for the Scissor Jack.

Basically, what it is, is it has a adapter that would stick into your power drill and then click onto this 3/4-inch socket. Then, you could rapidly raise or lower it using a power drill. Also, those are related products that we do sell separate on our website. Now, this Jack is made of a sturdy steel construction. It has a nice black powder coat finish to help resist corrosion. Now, this Jack is completely collapsed, so the collapsed height on this is going to be right at 4 3/4-inches collapsed height. Now, the extended height is going to 24 inches. Just to give you an idea of that, I pulled another Jack just like it and cranked it all the way to the extended height. You can see if we put a ruler on that with it completely extended, you can see it's going to be right at 24 inches. Now again, the support capacity on these Jacks is 6,500 pounds and I mentioned it fits the 3/4-inch drive. Now, just one note on the Jack. Now, this part number is for just one Jack. Just a note on it, this Jack is designed to basically stabilize a portion of your trailer's weight. It is not to support the full weight of your trailer. You also do not use this Jack to lift your trailer or RV. Doing so will exceed the capacity of the Jack. Basically, it is a stabilizer Jack. That should do it on the part review on Part Number UF48-979006, the Ultra Fab Ultra Scissor Jack with the 24 inch lift and a 6,500-pound weight capacity. .

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