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Review of Ultra-Fab Products Camper Jack UF38-944017

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to take a look at the Ultra-Fab 3502 Electric A-frame Tongue Jack with the 18 inch lift and 3500 pound weight capacity. Now this is a nice, easy to use jack. It uses a 12-volt motor for quick, simple lifting of your travel trailer or boat trailer. It has a corrosion resistant, dye-cast aluminum cap in it. It uses hardened steel gears. Makes for a nice, long lasting jack, and it does install easily onto the A-frame tongue of your trailer.The tongue jack does position quickly and easily.

It has a 12-volt motor, which will power the jack. Eliminating the need for any hand cranking. It has a built in, right down here, a built in water resistant toggle switch for easy operation, and it does use an integrated circuit breaker to prevent any motor damage. It does have all steel gears for they are strong and durable. It has lights right here.

One on each side. The dual side-lights make it very simple to hook up your trailer or set up your camper at night.They do offer a Zirk fitting. You pull this band down, there's a hole right there, and when you get up to a certain height, there'll be a Zirk fitting that's actually on the lower stem assembly. And, that allows access to grease the threaded rod, which leads to a longer jack life.It is an easy bolt on. A well done installation for A-frame trailers.

Hardware is not included. If you do bolt it on, they do recommend you use original nuts, bolts, and washers. This will fit two inch and 2.25 inch diameter mounting holes. Now, it does include the round, removable, six inch diameter foot plate to help prevent sinking. It is removable.

If you just release this snapper pin, you can take the foot plate off, if you like.It has a water resistant motor and gear housing. The cap on it is a dye-cast aluminum cap to help resist corrosion. The sturdy steel construction has a black powder coat finish to it. It does come with the two items right there. It has a ratchet-style crank socket that's included. In an emergency and you don't have any power and you need to lower or raise your jack, you can use this 9/16 deep well socket they include. Insert it into the drive collar, right up here at the top and then you can crank it. If you ratchet it clockwise, it will retract. Counter clockwise, it will extend it. Also, includes this inline fuse holder. So, when you hook up to your power, you have a fuse to protect it.A few specs on this. The bracket height. Now, I have it fully retracted so the bracket height will be measured from the ground up to the bottom of the mounting plate. If we extend that out, put a ruler on that. It's going to be right at 9.25 inches. It has an 18 inch lift. So, when it's fully extended, the extended length will be 27.25 inches. The lift again, I mentioned, was 18 inches. It travels about 10 inches in 50 seconds. Lift capacity on this is 3500 pounds. Outer tube diameter is going to be two inches. The inner tube diameter is 1.75 inches. It has a power supply line here, that's about seven foot long. It has a black and red wire that you connect up to.What I'm going to do now, is hook this up to some power and just show you some of the features I mentioned on this. I have a black and red wire. We'll go ahead and hook up our red wire for the power and we'll hook up our black for the ground. With those hooked up, right back here, let me just spin this around. You'll see there's a little toggle switch here. If you turn it, you'll notice the light will come on, on each side.You can turn it off and on. Then, right up on the front here, is your water resistant toggle switch. So, if you go this way it will extend it. What I'm going to try to do is extend it far enough. Let's pull this band down and I'll show you where that Zirk fitting is. Once you get up far enough, you'll see they mention they put a Zirk fitting on the inner tube to help lubricate the threaded rod in there. There you go, you can see that right there. The Zirk fitting's showing. You can just take your grease gun, stick it right on to the Zirk fitting, pump the grease in there. Then to retract it again, just push the switch the other way and it will retract. It does have overload protection. When you get fully extended or fully retracted, even if you're holding the switch, it will automatically shut the motor off so you don't damage it. Once we get fully retracted. There you go, and you just let off the switch.That should do it for the review on the Ultra-Fab 3502 Electric A-frame Tongue Jack with an 18 inch lift and a 3500 pound weight capacity.

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