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Ultra-Fab Products Camper Jack - Landing Gear with Motor and Switch - UF17-943050 Review

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Ultra-Fab powered landing gear set with motor and switch kit.This is going to be pretty much everything that we need to get our landing gear mounted up on our gooseneck trailer or our fifth wheel trailer, and this is there to help us stabilize that trailer and keep it supported at the front end.Of course, this is not designed to lift the entire trailer. You don't want to use this to do any kind of maintenance on your trailer. It's just there to give you some extra support and lift up that front end.So I have my tape measure here. We're going to take some measurements in a minute. But first, let's go over what our kit comes with. We'll get our follow leg, the lead leg, as well as the cross shaft, our motor, which is mounted on the side with our crank on our lead leg, our bundle of wire with the switch, has an in-line fuse to make sure that everything's nice and protected.

Then we'll also get a manual crank in the event that we might need that if our power happens to fail or if we just need to crank that motor manually. It also comes with the brackets that go around each leg and then attach to our trailer and the hardware to attach those.It does not come with the hardware to attach to your actual trailer, so you will need to pick that up separately. This will require some drilling to get it installed on the front of your trailer.It is made of a sturdy steel construction, has a black powder coat finish. Our motor operates with 12V power.Now, we're going to go over those measurements. So whenever our legs are retracted like they are now, from the bottom of that footplate to the top of each leg, it's 33".

Now this has a total of 37" of lift. That's calculated by 21" of travel. So that's how much the legs can actually move, and then we'll have an additional 16" of adjustment. So with that drop leg, the drop leg moves in inch increments, so we'll be able to adjust that and get a little bit of more adjustability from that drop leg. So without the drop leg in play, we'll be able to extend this from 33" up to 54" without having to use the drop leg.

Then once we put that on there, we'll get that additional 70" of potential extension on each leg.Our cross beam allows both of those legs to work together, so you don't have to sit there and crank forever on one side, switch to the other side, get that one going. They're both going to lift at the same time to bring up that front end of our trailer so we can get everything nice and leveled out.The outer width of each leg is 2 1/2". We'll have a footplate attached to the bottom of both. It's going to be a nice wide base to spread out the weight of our trailer so it doesn't sink into the ground. Each one measure 8" by about 5" at its narrowest point.

The outer flanges, it kind of flares out to a little bit of a U shape. At the widest point, it's about 5 3/4".The width that this crossbeam can go if we measure from the inside edge of each leg to the other side; at the narrowest, it's about 45". I've got it spaced out a little bit here, but it can go all the way to about 70" wide.It comes with a one-year warranty, and this does have a total lift capacity of 6,000 pounds. Again, not designed to support the entire gross vehicle weight rating of your trailer, so you don't want to be changing your tires with these and relying on them, because they're really not designed to do that.Our wiring kit, to go over that in a little bit more detail. You want to locate a good mounting spot for this. We'll have our button, little toggle switch. Bring this a little closer to you guys, so you can actually see it. This allows us to run our legs out and then back in. Has EXT for extend, RET for retract. You want to mount this in a nice secure location, the overhang on your gooseneck trailer or your fifth wheel trailer will be a good spot, because you want to keep this kind of out of any kind of inclement weather, keep it protected. But this is not intended to go in any section that would need an ignition-protected switch. This is not ignition protected, so you definitely want to keep it away from your propane, from your batteries, because it could cause an initial spark and cause some issues there.The connections that we'll need to make will be our orange wire to power, our black wire to a good chassis ground or to the negative terminal on our battery. Then the other two wires go to our motor matching color for color, red for power, black for ground. The way to tell the difference between those two black wires. The shorter length should go with our orange wire, and that will go to our battery. The longer two wires will go to our motor.So all in all, this is going to give us pretty much everything that we need to get that mounted up. One last measurement I want to give you was the distance between the weld stops on each leg. From the top of the bottom stop to the bottom of the top, confusing way to say that, but it's 15 1/2". That's the space in between. That's the narrowest portion between those. The widest portion between those from the bottom of the bottom to the top of the top, 17 1/2". So each one of those weld stops is an inch wide. That should match up with your trailer and give you an idea of where this will mount up.As far as the distance from the bottom to the top of our motor, since it does sit a little bit taller, it's about 36 1/2" to the very top of that. That's going to be about 3 1/2" taller than the highest point on each leg. So keep that in mind as far as any clearance issues that you might have. That motor does sit onto our cross member by about 9".The fuse that comes in our wiring harness is a 30 amp fuse, so it's going to keep everything nice and protected.That's going to do it for our look at the Ultra-Fab powered landing gear set with motor and switch kit.

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