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UWS Truck Toolbox - Chest Toolbox - UWS01048 Review

Hello everybody. This is Jeff at Today, we're going to take a look at this UWS black, 12-cubic-foot truck bed chest toolbox. Now, if you're needing extra storage without the look of an over-the-rail crossover toolbox, this chest-style designed toolbox is a perfect solution. Much like the standard toolboxes, this chest will sit flush against the front of your truck bed while the wedge shape of the front right here, and the sides on both sides, and the notch shaped .. the notch right in the back here.

This design will allow it to fit around the wheel, well, freeing up more space in your truck bed.Capacity on the inside of this toolbox is 12 cubic feet of usable space. This is a nice aluminum construction, uses fully welded seams, guaranteed not to rust. And if you notice, it has a nice black powder coat finish on it. This is the best base finish if you're going to paint this a color to match your truck. If not, you can just leave it the black color.

On the front, it has two stainless steel latches, one on the driver side, one on the passenger side. And if you notice on the driver side, it does have a lock on it, comes with two keys. So just by locking this, right now, it's in the lock position. You can see that either latch, if you try to open it, now it doesn't allow it to open. And then to unlock it, just turn it a quarter of a turn and then you can pull on the latch and you'll see just like that, the lid opens.And the other nice thing about this, you don't have to be on the driver side, open it.

If it's unlocked, you can be on the passenger side. And if you pull on that latch, it'll still open it. Has a nice long connecting rod between the two latches, so you can actually open it on either side. And also what's nice on the inside .. Let me try to rotate this a little bit, so you might be able to see that they use a enclosure over the connecting rod.

That connecting rod, if it was open and something was in your toolbox and it hit up against it and bent, it would make it to where you couldn't open the lid. So what they've done is put this enclosure over the whole length of the rod to prevent the contents from jamming that locking system.Now, it does use the beveled lid. You can see all the way around the edges, they bevel it. It is a patented foam-filled lid, provides insulation and protection from the elements, and it is a structural foam, so it does reinforce the shape and strength of the lid. If you notice all the way around the edge here, they have this foam tape on it. It's a dust barrier. That foam seal helps prevent the contents from the elements. If you notice on each end, they got a cylinder over here and then a gas cylinder right over here. So those heavy duty gas cylinders will help lift the lid. If you notice, when it opens by itself and it holds it open a full 90 degrees, and you can see that lids pretty much almost 90 degrees open. Also, the whole full length of the lid, they do use a piano hinge, so it avoids contact with the truck cab.Now, this part is made in the USA. Few specs I want to give you on this. We're going to take the measurement of it. So if we do the overall length, all the way from that end to this end, 62 inches. Total depth of the inside, that's going to be right at 17 and a quarter inches. And then the width on this, if we include that notch portion in the back, you can see it's going to be right at about 21 inches wide. Now, I do recommend to add about one inch to those dimensions, to figure clearance for this lid.Construction on this, they use a 0.063-inch thick aluminum tread plate for the construction of it. But again, just to show you the lid again, we're going to close it. So just on this one end, if you push down, closes right, real nicely. We open it, see the cylinders lift it up and hold it in the upright position. But that should do it for the review on the UWS black, 12-cubic-foot truck bed chest toolbox.

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