UWS Toolbox - Side Rail - UWS07275 Review

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Review of UWS Toolbox UWS07275

Today we are going to show you UWSs truck bed toolbox, part number UWS07275. This is an L-Shaped side mount box for the side rails of your pickup. The box is built using 14 gauge steel and finished in a white powder coat. Its built here in the USA and UWS covers it with a limited lifetime warranty. Its got 3.9 cubic feet of usable space. And next, we are going go over some measurements.

To do that well need to open the box. The length of the box measures 72 inches. The width is 11-1/4 inches and its about 11 inches tall. The lid is reinforced and filled with form. It will help insulate and protect whats inside the box but it also makes make the lid nice and stiff so you can grab ne corner and its stiff enough so that you can close the whole lid.

Theres a film gasket around the lid that will help seal it against the box keeping moisture out. Theres also a piano hinge thats runs the full length of the lid. This helps making opening and closing the box very easy. Theres also a gas strut on the box that helps open the lid and it holds it open while you are loading and unloading. There are a pair of latches, one on the drivers side that has a lock and one on the passengers side without a lock.

They are connected with a rod some manipulating one latch will actually operate both and thats it for our review of UWSs truck bed toolbox, part number UWS07275.

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