UWS Toolbox - Crossover - UWS00426 Review

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Review of UWS Toolbox UWS00426

Today we're going to review UWS's Extra Wide Deep Truck Bed Toolbox part # UWS00426. This box is built here in the USA out of 0.063 inch aluminum tread plate. It's finished with a black powder coat and it's covered by a one-year warranty. It has 17.3 cubic feet of usable storage space. And next we're going to go over some dimensions but first we need to open the lid of the box as the dimensions don't include the lid. The box measures 72 inches long, it's 27 1/2 inches wide, probably about 17 3/4 inches high.

The lid is filled with foam and reinforced. It helps keep the lid extra stiff so that you can close the lid by one corner and it wont flex. There's a foam gasket that goes around the entire lid that help seal against the surface of our box. It'll help keep moisture out protecting whatever we have inside. Along the back of the lid is a full length piano hinge to help make opening the lid easy.

There are two gas struts on either side of the lid that will help you open it and hold the lid open while you're loading and unloading the box. There's a storage tray that's designed to slide along so you can keep some small items handy but you can still access everything below. The latches are tied together with a connecting rod system so when you open one latch, it also opens the other. The driver side latch is lockable so you can secure your goods inside the box but you're going to also quickly and easily access it once you're out of your truck. There are two small compartments on either end of the box again for keeping small things readily accessible.

And that's it for our review of UWS's Extra Wide Deep Truck Bed Toolbox part # UWS00426.

Questions and Comments about this Video

Marty P.

What is the total height with the lid closed? I am looking for a cross over box that will fit under my Encore toneau cover

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

This specific toolbox has been discontinued but we do have some other options that are 72" wide like what you're looking at. Here is a link to our selection although you'll want to put your vehicle into our fitguide to make sure that the toolbox will fit. With the EnCore tonneau cover installed you'll probably want to get a chest style toolbox instead.