UWS Toolbox - Crossover - UWS00406 Review

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Review of UWS Toolbox UWS00406

Today we are going to review UWSs notched truck bed toolbox, part number UWS00406. This box is constructed here in the US out of 0.63-inch aluminum. UWS also covers it with a one-year warranty. It has 5-1/2 cubic feet of storage space. Next, we are going to go over some measurements but to do that well need to open the lid first. The box measures 60 inches long.

Its 19-1/4 inches wide by about 13-1/2 inches tall. The lid of our box is form film and reinforced. It adds extra structure to the lid and stiffens it up so that you can close it just by pushing on one corner. It also serves to protect the contents of the box. Theres a form gasket that goes all the way around the box to help seal lid to the box.

Along the length of the lid in the back is a full-length piano hinge that will make opening and closing the box easy. There are a pair of gas struts that not only help open the lid but will also hold it open while you load and unload the box. There are two latches one on the drivers side and one on the passengers side with the drivers side being lockable. They are tied together with a connecting rod system that goes inside at the front of the box. Manipulating one latch handle also operates the other latch.

Theres a storage tray inside the box. It slides almost completely from one side to the other, and will help keep your small items organized and handy but still allow access to items below. And, thats it for our review of the UWSs notched truck bed toolbox, part number UWS00406.

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