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UWS Toolbox - Crossover - UWS00382 Review

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Review of UWS Toolbox UWS00382

Today we are going to be reviewing the UWS truck bed toolbox, part number UWS00382. This box is built out of 0.63-inch aluminum tread plate here in the USA. Its finished in a black powder coat and UWS covers it with a one-year warranty. Theres 5.4 cubic feet of usable space and now we are going to go over to the dimensions of the box but to do that well need to open the lid. The box measures 54 inches long by 19-1/4 inches wide and 13-1/2 inches tall. The lid of the box is filled with form and reinforced.

It adds extra strength and stiffness so that you can close the box by one corner and it wont twist or flex. Theres also a form gasket around our lid that will help seal the lid to a box surface. Theres a full-length piano hinge along the back of the lid that makes opening the box nice and easy. There are a pair of gas struts one on ether side of the lid that will help open the lid and also hold it up while youre loading and unloading the box. There are two hinges and latch systems one on the drivers side and one on the passengers side.

There are connected with a connecting rod system so that manipulating one latch will open the other. The drivers side latch is also lockable, so you can secure the contents of the box. There are small storage trays on either side of the box. Theres also a sliding storage tray so that you can keep small items handy but move them out of the way, so that you can access the larger items below. Thats it for our review of UWSs truck bed toolbox, part number UWS00382..

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Hey i was wondering where i could make a purchase on a toolbox like this?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Patrick B.

We have crossover toolboxes from other manufacturers, but we no longer carry the UWS tool boxes. I have added a link to all of our crossover style boxes.