UWS Toolbox - Crossover - UWS00003 Review

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Review of UWS Toolbox UWS00003

Today we are going to take a look at UWSs truck bed tool from their Gull Wing series part number UWS0003. This box is made here in the USA out of 0.63-inch aluminum tread plate. UWS also covers it with a one-year warranty. It has 6.4 cubic feet of usable space. Next, we are going to go over some measurements but we are going to open one of the lids first before we do that. The length of the box is 54 inches.

It measures 19-1/4 inches wide by about 13-1/2 inches tall. The lids of the boxes are reinforced and filled with form to make them stiff and strong. Theres a form gasket that goes around the lids to help seal up the box the moisture out. Theres also a gas strut on each lid to help open the lid and hold it open while you are loading and unloading the box. On either side is a storage tray for keeping small pots handy and organized.

On each side is a latch thats also lockable so you can secure your gear in the box. Finally, theres a storage tray that slides almost all the way through the box, that you can keep small tools and items handy but quickly move them out of the way and access whats below. Each box also has a panel hinge that runs the full length of the hinge side of the lid, makes opening and closing the box very easy. And thats it for our review of UWSs truck bed toolbox from their Gull Wing series, part number UWS0003.

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