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Tuson RV Brakes Trailer Brakes - Hydraulic Drum Brakes - 335ABS-DLNE-1000 Review

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Review of Tuson RV Brakes Brake Controller 335ABS-DLNE-1000

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Tuson 4 Channel Towable ABS Setup for Hydraulic Drum Brakes. Now if you're looking for a system that'll allow you to have full access and control of your braking system, then this is definitely something to consider.It offers the most in-depth data and diagnostics available on the market. It's a very smart system. It not only allows you to monitor the actuator performance, but allows you to monitor vehicle performance as well since the brake controller plugs directly into the vehicle's computer system through the OBD 2 port.Now the Acculink Electric Hydraulic Anti-Lock Braking System is designed to really improve vehicle stability during braking by maintaining high levels of rolling resistance braking and preventing tire lock up. Now this is especially true on wet pavement when tire lock up can easily occur. When trailer tires lock up, the trailer can easily slide to the side.

The ABS module keeps the trailer tracking straight behind the towed vehicle.This is compatible with trailers that have up to three axles and it is designed for trailers with a minimum axle rating of 7000 pounds. Now you can see everything that it comes laid out here on the table. The only thing I don't have laid out are the manuals that come with each component.The manuals do a great job at walking you through the installation process, what wire goes to what function and so on. So basically, I just want to give you an overview of the components that we have laid out here on the table.We'll start with the Direct Link NE Brake Controller. This is a small but powerful network computer that links your vehicle's computer network to your towable braking system so that the brakes of both vehicles, your vehicle and the trailer work seamlessly together providing superior responsive tow braking.

Critical diagnostic data from the towed vehicle and trailer can be viewed on the color display in real time at anytime. The brake controller activates trailer brakes in proportion to your vehicle's braking action. It does have the manual brake control lever that gives you access to apply zero to 100% of the trailer brakes whenever needed.You can monitor the ABS system functions and assists with error codes if a system fault occurs. So anytime a problem is detected with this system, it'll notify the controller and that will notify you really never having to leave the cab or driver's seat of your vehicle to get the notification. It all comes right here on the screen.It comes with the necessary wiring for installation so again, this plugs into the OBD 2 port on your vehicle and then this plugs into the wiring of the vehicle.

You can check and see if there's a custom adaptor available for your specific year, make and model. If so, then this portion turns basically into a plug and play installation.It comes with dash mounts for installing the monitor on your dash so you can easily see that at all times. Comes with some cable ties to secure the box out of the way. The box can be mounted in any orientation, so that's a really neat design and feature of the system.That basically sums it up for the brake controller portion. This is a nice design.

It's easy to use, it's very very smart and it's user friendly, compact, comes with what you need to get it set up.Next we're gonna move to the Acculink Electric Hydraulic Actuator. That is this component here. So we have our brake fluid reservoir on top. We have the connection points for hydraulic lines. We have the wiring harness that's included. All the wires right here tie into the wiring on the trailer and then we have the portion that connects to the module. This mounts to the trailer with the included brackets and hardware. It provides responsive braking and can monitor key towing functions and it's digitally linked to the brake controller.Again, mounting brackets and hardware included. Wiring harness is included. The maximum output pressure is 1000 pSi and this is weather resistant, but not waterproof. What that means, is this will perform well when exposed to dust, moisture, basically your standard predictable elements, but it is not designed to be submerged in water.And then right here, we have the towable anti-lock brake module. This unit monitors the ABS wheel speed sensors and independently, adjusts braking level at each brake. It has four unique multi-valve channels, controlled by the high speed digital network. The network computer monitors each tire separately and optimizes the level of rolling resistance braking for each one. So during aggressive braking, this module holds the maximum level of braking without locking the tires which results in reduced stopping, distances and greater braking stability. It mounts using the two existing holes right here with two 3/8 inch bolts. It's recommended that lock washers also be used.Now to complete your towing set up, your towable ABS set up for trailers with drum brakes, you'll also need wheel speed sensors, sensor mounts and sensor cables. These items are sold separately and available at Keep in mind that your cable lengths needed for your particular installation will be determined by the mounting location of the ABS control module, and also note that hydraulic brake assemblies rated 7K or higher and brake lines are required but not included with this kit.That's gonna do it for today's look at the Tuson 4 Channel Towable ABS Setup for Hydraulic Drum Brakes.

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