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Traveling Breeze Camping and Hiking - Campsite Accessories - 318-BBSC100 Review

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Review of Traveling Breeze Camping and Hiking 318-BBSC100

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna take a look at the Traveling Breeze Breezy Buddy camping chair with the built-in fan. This is blue in color. This'll let you stay cool anywhere you travel with this heavy-duty comfortable chair. That includes the two battery-powered fans right back here to provide air to you. Has a mesh fabric on the back to ensure maximum air flow. It's great for camping, bonfires, or even just a nice cool rest.The powerful, yet quiet, fans right back here make use very discreet because they're so quiet.

Right over here there's a rocker switch on the inside of the arm rests that'll turn the fans on and off. This right here. The airflow will also even help repel mosquitoes. The chair has a durable steel frame with nylon and mesh fabric for maximum airflow. You can even look at the seat.

It has a mesh fabric to it. Cup holder is available to keep your drink handy.Over on the other side you'll see they have this nice mesh side pocket, hold your magazines, phone, or any other smaller items. Underneath the armrest is a convenient battery compartment that you can open up, unplug it, and you can pull out the battery holder. It does require four D-cell batteries. They are not included.

The other nice it does include, they do include this eco-adapter, and what's nice with this, this'll allow you plug your chair into any USB port eliminating the need for batteries. So basically all you can do is take this here, plug it right in, and then you have a USB connector that you can plug in.Now, they also have an option, which we do sell separately on our website, and it's listed on this product page as a related product. This is optional six-foot long extension cord, and this'll add extra length between your chair and the power source. That's part number 318-ADPT-6A. We do sell that separately.

Again, you could hook that up and it'll give you an extra six foot of length with the USB connector on the other end.That does come with a drawstring bag with a nice carrying handle to it for easy storage and transportation of the chair. Weight capacity on the chair itself is 300 pounds. The fan motors on the back, two of them, are six volts. Overall dimension on this chair is about 37 inches tall, about 36 inches wide. The seat itself is about 23 wide, 19 inches long. Cup holder is about four inches in diameter. The side pocket, the mesh side pocket here is about 12 inches wide and six inches tall.What I'm going to do now is just go ahead and put the battery holder back into its compartment. Then we'll go ahead and just connect it and then close it up. But that should do it for the review on the Traveling Breeze Breezy Buddy camping chair with the built-in fans and blue in color.