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Review of Tow Ready Tow Bar Wiring TR118821

Speaker 1: Today, we are taking a look at the tow-ready taillight isolating diode system, with the four-pole connector. This combined diode system features a wire harness that allows your RV to power the lights on your towed vehicle without the vehicle sending electrical feedback to the RV. The two diode system does the work of four and protects both electrical systems. Customers offer compare this system to magnetic tow lights and they're very happy when choosing this system over other options because with this system you install it and basically forget about it. You don't have to worry about it. You don't have to worry about magnetic lights falling off the vehicle or have to deal with all the wiring of magnetic tow lights hanging all over your car.This kit comes with everything needed to wire vehicles with a two-wire system for towing behind a motor home.

The wire harness features a driver side and passenger side diode box, so the diodes are built in, they're protected, so, again, you really don't have to worry about them at all. Each diode contains a taillight and combined turn and stop feed. The diode boxes have adhesive backing, so you can easily peel and stick it to a nice clean surface, and I think that makes installation a lot easier. If you wanna add more security to it you could wrap a zip tie around it, maybe secure it to a wiring harness or a wiring bundle to keep it protected, but it does come with adhesive backing.As long as you stick it to a nice clean surface you won't have to worry about it. When it comes to making the connections it's pretty simple.

It simply wires into your vehicles electrical system. Again, it comes with everything needed to do so. The detailed installation instructions walk you through the whole process step-by-step. They are very thorough. Step-by-step goes over each wire, each connector, and it has detailed imaging, which makes installation much easier.Also, it includes a four-pole flat connector extension.

This allows the system to easily connect to the RV wiring. It has eight wire connectors, one ring terminal, and some zip ties that are included with the kit. The wire connectors are quick disconnect terminals, so you have male and female ends. The ring terminal is for creating a ground connection. Your ground wire's the white wire, so you would place the wire onto the ring terminal and secure that to an already existing ground post or screw or you can add your own.

Please note, this system can be used on vehicles that feature a three-wire system, but with this kit the towed vehicle's brake lights will function as both the brake and turn lights, so a wiring converter and two additional diodes will be needed if you wanna retain separate turn and brake signals.Again, that only applies to vehicles that wanna use this on a three-wire system. The wiring converter and the additional diodes are all sold separately and available at and it does come with the four-pole flat dust cover. If you have an exposed connector head, you can add that to it and that'll keep the terminals protected from moisture, dust, dirt, and really help prevent corrosion. That's gonna do it for today's look at the tow-ready isolating diode system with the four-pole connector.

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