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Tow-Rax Trailer Cargo Organizers - Cabinets and Shelves - TWSP30CSA Review

Today we're going to take a look at the Tow Racks Aluminum Storage Cabinet with the folding tray. Now this utility cabinet will offer tons of convenient storage space for your tools or supplies. It offers this fold down tray right here. If you pull this handle, the tray will fold down, let's you easily work on or clean any small items on the tray itself. It does use nylon bushings on each end to help pivot on and are very quiet and durable. The tray has fulled up to double as a cabinet doors and as you see once you to push it up and it'll lock into place and the cabinet door does conceal items on the bottom shelf only.

Also, if you notice on the top edge of this fold down tray, there is a nice rubber seal and that'll help prevent any rattling. So when you close your tray and it goes up against the cabinet, you don't want any rattle in between the two there.It does include three storage shelves, one, two, three. The top, middle, bottom shelves, they're all walled for more secure storage, especially during travel. So the items that you have in here won't fall off the shelves. Also, if you notice under the fold down tray, it does have a spring loaded paper towel rack that can hold up to two standard size rolls of paper towels.

It is a spring loaded design, so it does keep the rolls from unraveling and the rod that you slide the paper towels on, you can see they're held in place with the included clips one on each end. It's a sturdy, lightweight aluminum construction. It has a nice machine finish to it. Now it does offer limitless mounting options. You can install it in your shop, your garage, or your trailer.

Now to install this, drilling is required and the hardware's not included. You would have to supply the installation hardware. We want to give you a few dimensions on this. Let me go ahead and fold the tray down so it'll hold it into spot place. There we go.So the overall width on it, widest point is going to be right here at the front.

So if we go width is going to be right at 25 5/8 inches wide. Overall height on it from the very bottom, to the very top is going to be right at 30 3/8 inches tall and the total depth on it, spin it around this way, you're looking right at about five 1/2 inches deep. On the shelves themselves, I want to give you the dimensions or the depth on all three of those because they do vary the top one inside dimensions right at 4 1/2 inches. The middle one is right at 3 3/8 inches, and the bottom shelf is right at 2 3/4 inches deep. Total weight on this unit is about 25 pounds, and again, you can just push your hold up tray up and it'll hold it right in this spot position.But that should do it for the review on the Tow Racks Aluminum Storage Cabinet with the folding tray.

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