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Tote-N-Stor RV Sewer - Portable Wastewater Tank - TNS25609 Review

Today we'll be taking a look at the Tote-N-Stor portable RV waste water tank with hose accessories. Now this is a two-wheeled tank with a 32 gallon capacity, and this is going to make it a lot easier to empty out your waste water storage tank on your RV instead of having to drive your RV to the place where you would actually dump this out. You can just empty your sewer into the tank here, including your gray water tank, and then roll it to where you need to dump it.You'll have a couple inlets. This can either be your air valve just to let venting occur so that you don't get any sort of suction happening or a vacuum effect. So you can loosen that up and you can also attach a garden style hose to this to help flush it out whenever it's time to clean out the tank.At the bottom will be our 3" inlet also with that sort of garden hose inlet as well for your gray water tank hose. Then it has a bayonet style 3" cap there so we can get that connected to our sewer or our black water tank on our RV.It has a little storage compartment here for all the accessories it comes with, including that sewer hose, the bayonet clamp, and our gray water hose attachment, as well as a hose clamp to get that secured around our sewer pipe or our sewer hose attachment.It has the two wheels at the bottom so you can easily roll this where you need it to go, and it also has a little tow hook, because once this is full it's probably going to be pretty heavy.

So you just run this under the handle and then attach it to your vehicle, so now you can actually put this on your ball mount on your vehicle and then tow it away and it makes it a lot easier there.You just want to make sure that whenever you do that, whenever you have it attached to a vehicle, that you're not going any faster than walking speed, so take it pretty slow, because the tires and the tank are not really designed to go much faster than that walking speed, but it should make it a lot easier.Then as you can see, it easily stands upright, so whenever you go to drain or clean out the tank that's going to make it much nicer, so you don't have to stand and actually hold this upright. It just stands all on its own.Now a couple things to keep in mind with this, it is made of a polypropylene construction so it's going to be very durable. It has a nice low profile design, so whenever you go to store this inside your RV it doesn't take up too much space.This has a 32 gallon capacity, and the best rule to go by is to get a tank that's going to be greater than the onboard holding tank on your RV, so that way you know you're never going to overload this and have any kind of overflow situation. You also, again, don't want to roll this any faster than walking speed.This holds 32 gallons. You have a couple different configurations available here at

There's only one from Tote-N-Stor that's greater than this, and that's 38 gallons. You can also find that link here separately.The dimensions for this one is going to be 45-3/4" long by 24" wide and 11-5/8" tall. Our storage compartment down here, that measures 9-1/2" long by 8-3/4" wide and 4-1/2" tall. This does come with a two year warranty on the tank.That's going to do it for our look at the Tote-N-Stor portable RV waste water tank with hose accessories.

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