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TorkLift Trailer Hitch - Custom Fit Hitch - TLC1211 Review

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Review of TorkLift Trailer Hitch TLC1211

Today we're going to review part number TLC1211. This is the Torklift SuperHitch original trailer hitch receiver. It is a custom fit design. It has a class five rating and uses the dual two inch receivers. Now for demonstration purposes I have mounted the end plates to the center tube to give you an idea what this would look like when it's installed under your vehicle. Again this is a custom fit design part.

It is designed to fit the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 models with the eight-foot bed starting in 2015. Everything pictured here is included. It includes the hitch with the end plates. It includes the mounting hardware and it includes the two hitch pins and clips. Now this is a heavy duty hitch which will let you tow heavy loads even when using the Torklift hitch extension or the Torklift weight distribution system.

Both of those items we also sell separately on our website. Basically, you can max out the 17 thousand pound capacity when you use the Torklift's specially designed Everest weight distribution system. That's part number TLWD1000. We do sell that separately, and you can also use this with the Torklift SuperTruss extension which we sell separately. Now that comes in different lengths so it depends on what length you would need but basically, what that does is that SuperTruss extension would install into the dual receivers and it also has chains that would mount to the side here, and it will extend your hitch receiver out to clear like if you have a bed-mounted camper on your truck bed that would extend out over. A nice thing with the SuperTruss extension, compared to other extensions, most extensions are just a single tube that would stick in and when you use that, it reduced the weight capacity of your hitch to 50 percent. With the SuperTruss extension, because it uses the dual tubes that go in there to support it and then the chains to support it, it will maintain the capacity of the hitch.

It does have the dual vertically stacked receivers right here. This will let you tow a trailer and use a hitch-mounted bike rack or cargo carrier at the same time. It is compatible with you industry standard ball mounts and hitch accessories and again, this is a truck camper-friendly Torklift design. Basically, on the edge of these end plates, you can see right here and right over here, they have holes drilled. Basically, that's so they're pre-drilled to accept the Torklift camper tie downs that we also sell separately. This is made of a sturdy steel construction.

It has the high-penetration, duel shield welding to ensure strength and durability. A nice other little feature I want to mention to you: it has the hardened, reinforced hitch pin holes. Basically what that is, I'm going to take this off to show you, is right around the hitch pin hole, right here, they do reinforce that area and then it's hardened. The reason they do that is it'll prevent elongation of that hitch pin hole. Lots of times when you're towing heavy loads and your ball mount or your accessory's in there and you'll be towing with it, what will happen over time is the movement of stopping and going when you're towing will elongate or egg that hole. What they've decided to do is harden that and reinforce that area on the top, both sides, and on the bottom, both sides, to eliminate any of that elongation of the hitch pin hole. It's a nice little feature that they add to this. Also, if you'll notice right down here on both sides, it does have the safety chain loops. Let me just rotate that back. You'll see right down here is the safety chain loops, which are built right in. It has a nice black powder coat finish to help resist corrosion. To install this is a very simply bolt-on installation. There's no welding required. It has the hardware right here, and again I mention these end plates that mount to your frame and then your cross tube lifts up and bolts to the end plates. One thing I wanted to show you is, when you bolt the cross tube to the end plates, they do use these bolts, and what's unique about them is they have a shoulder with the splines on it and basically what that does is it press-fits into there, so basically when you go to install this, you'll put your bolt into the hole, and then when you do that you would tap it some to get those splines start. And then when you tighten it down or torque it down with that nut, it'll pull those splines in and basically have like a press-fit between the end plates and the cross tube. Again this is custom fit for your vehicle. The receiver openings is two inch in top and two inch in bottom. It does have a class five rating, so basically the maximum gross trailer weight capacity on this is 15 thousand pounds. The maximum ton weight capacity is 15 hundred pounds. Now if you do use this with the weight distribution, it will increase the maximum gross trailer weight capacity to 17 thousand pounds and the maximum ton weight capacity to 17 hundred pounds. The cross tube itself is a 3 1/2 inch by 3 1/2 inch cross tube, and this does come with a lifetime warranty. But that should do it for the review on part number TLC1211, the Torklift SuperHitch, original trailer hitch receiver with the class five rating and the dual two inch receivers. .

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