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Review of TorkLift Battery Boxes - Trailer Battery Box - Camper Battery Box - TLA7700LS

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TorkLift Battery Boxes - Trailer Battery Box - Camper Battery Box - TLA7700LS Review

Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're taking a look at the Torklift Power Armor, Solar Locking Battery Box. This box is not only going to help protect your batteries from any sort of theft or tampering, but it's also going to have the solar panel up here, which is going to provide power to help maintain the charge on your batteries. The box is locking, so it's going to secure nicely. So you don't have to worry about anyone getting into it and it can mount pretty much anywhere on your trailer frame, your RV, your camper bumper, pretty much anywhere that you need to mount this for convenient access to your batteries.

It's made of a high impact powder coated aluminum, which is going to be rust-proof and very durable. It's designed specifically to help protect batteries so that someone can't just walk up and walk off with your batteries.Now keep in mind, aluminum is a conductor, so you'd never want to touch the box itself within any of your wires because it will conduct electricity. Your solar panel is going to provide 10 Watts of power to your batteries. So pretty much trickle charge or maintain the charge to help boost the life of the batteries. It's going to work with your lithium ion, your gel, your AGM, calcium, and your wet or lead acid batteries.

It's going to bring your batteries back from 50% life. It's also got a built-in regulator, that's going to prevent your batteries from overcharging as well as an integrated circuit, which is going to prevent any sort of reverse flow, which would discharge your batteries. Make the power go back to the solar panel. You're not going to have to worry about that. They've thought of it all.

The sturdy locking lid here is going to allow for quick, easy access. Just slide it to the side there. Can easily get in, access your batteries, but it is also a very heavy duty. It's going to provide excellent security.Turn it around here so you can see these built-in tabs are what actually holds the lid in place. When you take it off, slide lid over those tabs.

Put it back on, slide it back in place. You'll see here on the side, we've got the integrated locking chamber. It's going to come with two keys. So when we put these in place, these keys, make sure that lid is not going to move for us. When we unlock it and still have access. Again, just another safety feature to ensure that our batteries are secure. On the back, we're going to have two of these, two inch access holes that we can run our wiring out and wrap them where we need them to be. This kit is going to come with several different options. Before we get to that, I do want to point out on this side, next to the locking cylinder is your plug for your solar panel.We're just going to set this to the side here. Your kit is going to come with a replacement battery mat. This is acid neutralizing, so once you have your box mounted, you'll put this mat on the bottom and it'll help reduce any sort of corrosion from spilled battery acid, depending on what type of battery you're using. We're also going to have these extension mounting brackets to help us get the box mounted in whatever location we need it in. We're going to have two aluminum battery hold down brackets to make sure that the batteries are not moving around inside the box. All the hardware that we need to get it mounted to hold those batteries down and of course the instructions to make sure that we get everything installed properly. I do want to show you the inside of the box here. Unplug the lid and set it to the side so we don't cause any sort of damage.The plug is the two-prong you see there. Just easily plugs in. If we need to take it off, we can. On the inside of our box, you can see the wiring that connects to our plug, our external plug. This would obviously mount to our batteries so that the power from the solar panel can run down to the batteries themselves. You can see we've got a divider in here for different batteries. That is, it doesn't go all the way down to the floor so we've got a little bit of room that we can run cables if we need to under there. Now, as far as the dimensions of our box, the outside dimensions, we're looking right about 32 inches long.Call it, 10 and a quarter, maybe 10 and a half inches wide and it's going to be right about 12 and a quarter inches tall. Now to get our battery set up, like I said, it does work with several different types of batteries. On the bottom side of our lid, we're going to have this little hole here. It's got some toggle switches in it. Move those toggles based on the instructions to correspond with the type of battery you are using. Now I will say I had to do a little bit of research to figure out how to use the lithium ion batteries with this lid because it does not mention it in the instructions. It's got the different types that I mentioned before, lithium ion was not listed. So contact Torklift and they suggest using the AGM settings for your lithium batteries. So we'll trust that will work well for you. This box is made here in the USA and it comes with a lifetime warranty on the aluminum box and a 25 year warranty on the solar panel. That's going to complete our look at the Torklift Power Armor, Solar Locking Battery Box..

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