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TorkLift Hitch Adapters - Hitch Extender - TLE1528 Review

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Review of Tork Lift Hitch Accessories TLE1528

Today we're going to review part #TLE1528. This is the Torque Lift Super Truss Hitch Extension for your Super HitchTrailer Hitch Receivers. This part is 28" long. The review on this is just for the extensionand the support chains on the side. I do have it set up already in a Torque Lift Super Hitch Magnum Receiver for demonstration purposes. This part number would just include the extension part of it and the hardware.

This will extend the top receiver on your Torque Lift Super Hitch Dual Receiver trailer hitch to clear any obstacles such as a bed mounted camper that will allow you to tow with it still. This extension piece is a heavy duty design that will let you maintain a high towing capacity and allows you to use a standard weight distribution system. The way this would install, as you can see, it has the extension tube at the top. It has a compression tube at the bottom. Both of them are held together by these collars that you would tighten down to give you the support. You would slide that into the dual receiver, put the pin and clips in, and then you would attach the chains and the turn buckles on the side to tighten it up and give you the support on the sides here.This is a patented lateral support safety chain, which will provide extra security and help distribute the weight back from the receiver opening to the frame mounted hitch.

As you can see, they do attach to the brackets on the hitch and attach to the bracket at the front here. When you do install this properly and then tighten these turn buckles to get them tight on both sides it will maintain the high weight capacity. As opposed to some of your extensions that you just slide in, as one tube that you would slide in and stick out. Because it sticks out so far, you would lose about 50% of the weight capacity using an extension like this. When you use the Super Truss extension and the mounting hardware it will giveyou that higher weight capacity. This part also does come with an electrical bracket, which will let you mount your 7 way connector instead of back by the hitch. You can mount it out towards the hitch receiver at the extension opening.

It has the holes in it. The holes right here that you can mount it like that, whichever would work for you. This would let your 7 way be closer to your extension opening. When you do mount your bracket out here, we do recommend, we sell a related product which is the torque lift wiring harness extension.This is part #TLW6028. This is designed for the 28" long extension.

It's roughly about 32" long, and what it would do is you would take this, plug it into your 7 way at the hitch, and it would bring your 7 way out to that bracket. You have easy access from under the truck to your 7 way connector. Another feature on this that Torque Lift uses on their dual receivers, they also use it on their extensions is on both sides. They have a reinforced area around the hitch pin holes. It is a hardened metal around there on both sides. The reason they do that is when you are going to tow something and you put theshank in here and put the hitch pin through there the movement from towing sometimes will move that hitch pin back and forth and that can elongate the hitch pin hole. What they have decided to do is harden that area and reinforce it so you don't get any elongation of thosehitch pin holes. This extension is a sturdy steel construction. It has a nice black powder coat finish to help resist corrosion. At the front here it has the loops here, the built-in hook up looks for your trailer safety chains to hook on to. The mounting brackets and all this hardware is included with this part. The hitch pin and clip, or ahitch lock, whichever you prefer to use, is sold separately. Itisnot included in this part. This part is made in the USA, and Ijust want to give you a dimension. If youmeasure from here to right here you can see it is a 28" extension. Again, the application for the Super Truss Extension is it will fit on the Torque Lift Super Hitch original orthe Magnum Dual Receiver trailer hitches. It has a receiver opening of 2 inches.The maximum gross trailer weightcapacity on this is going to be 7,500 pounds. The maximum ton weight capacity is 750 pounds. If you do use this with weight distribution, it would increase the gross towing weight capacity to 12,000 pounds and the maximum ton weight capacity to 1,200 pounds. This does all come with a lifetime warranty. Again, all you would have to do is once you install this, put the pin and clips in, make sure your collars are tightened down. Right over here you have the nuts that you would just loosen to turn your turn buckle and then you would just tighten it. Once you get it tight on one side you snug the nuts down to hold it into place then tighten iton the other side and you would be ready to go.Thatshould do it for the review on part #TLE1528, the Torque Lift Super Truss Hitch Extension for the Super Hitch Trailer Hitch Receivers. .

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