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Topline Bike Accessories - Cup Holder - BH1500 Review

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Review of Topline Bike Accessories BH1500

Today we'll be reviewing part number BH1500. This is the Topline Barhopper Drink Holder. This is a handlebar mount cupholder. It's going to fit tapered drink cups. You can see there, it fits. This one actually catches it up here by the collar.

Then depending on the width of your cup, it may or may not be able to go all the way down, which is fine as long as you get that nice secure grip. It's made from a brushed stainless steel. That ring is going to hold the beverage securely, and it easily attaches and removes, no tools are required. What you would do is just place this portion here around your round handlebar. It also comes with a few different sleeves, that way you can ensure that it's going to protect the finish on your bicycle and not do any damage.

Once you have it at the desired location that you want it, you simply just place in the thumbscrew and you tighten it up, allowing the threads to catch, and then you tighten it down until you feel like it's secured around the circular frame of your handlebar. Just like that you're set and ready to go. That's going to do it for today's review of part number Bh1500. This is the Topline Barhopper Drink Holder. .

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