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Review of Titan Trailer Coupler T4747210

Today, were going to take a quick look at the Titan zinc plate brake actuator with lockout shield, part number T4747210. This actuator is designed to work with trailers that are equipped with disc hydraulic brakes. The nose of the coupler is fitted for a 2-5/16 inch trailer ball. A hydraulic actuator works on momentum. As you brake in the vehicle, the trailer will push against the vehicle on the ball and the system will compress activating the master cylinder and then sending brake fluid out to the line and back to your disc brakes.The coupler is made out of steel and finished in a zinc plating to help protect against corrosion. Up top, youll see we have a breakaway system here.

Theres a steel cable and youll fit the hook end onto your tow vehicle. That way, if the trailer were to ever come separated this cable will pull tight, activate this lever, and apply brakes to the trailer. Up top here, youll see our fill cap for the brake fluid reservoir.Its a bolt-on system. On the housing here, youll see a series of boltholes that you can use to bolt this directly to your trailers tongue.The latch system works like this: Well pull up on this ring so that we can release the handle and then pull up on the handle. To close it, well just push forward.

You do want to make sure that this ring is seated properly inside the notch as this is going to help prevent the handle from coming open when trailering down the road. Theres a hole up here that you can use with a coupler lock to make sure that it doesnt come open when youre trailering and also protect your trailer against theft while you have it in storage.Underneath, well show you how the wedge system works with the ball. Inside, youll see a tubular piece of metal back here. This is going to come against the back of the ball and secure it and prevent it from coming out. Well pull up our trigger release and open the latch, and that piece moves up and away allowing us enough room for us to get our 2-5/16 ball into the socket.

Well close it and that tube comes back down and bites on the back of the ball holding it into place. Underneath, youll see our braking system. The inner coupler tube slides against the outer housing here and pushes against the master cylinder sending brake pressure out back here where our brass fitting is.The inside width measures in at 3 inches as this actuator is designed to fit with 3-inch wide channel tongues. It has a maximum trailer capacity of 8,000 pounds and a maximum tongue weight capacity of 800 pounds. Titan does cover this with a one-year warranty.There is a built-in cover here protecting the internals and theres also a place where you can mount a solenoid valve, thats sold separately, to allow the actuator to lock out when you have the vehicle in reverse so that it doesnt apply brakes while youre backing up the trailer.

Thats it for our quick look at the Titan zinc plated brake actuator with lockout shield, part number T4747210. .

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