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Review of Titan Trailer Coupler T2478100

Today well be reviewing part number T2478100. This is the Titan Zinc-Plated Brake Actuator with a drop built-in here at our coupler. It is designed to fit 2-5/16-inch hitch balls and it's designed to work with hydraulic drum brakes. The hydraulic actuator is going to synchronize the trailer brakes with the tow vehicle brakes. When you apply the brakes in your tow vehicle, deceleration occurs and it's actually going to push the momentum of the trailer toward the rear of your vehicle. With the surge braking system, the actuators is then triggered as your trailer moves forward while the tow vehicle slows. Inside of here, we have an actuator that actually telescopes, applying force to the master cylinder, which is located here at the rear, which in turn supplies the necessary hydraulic pressure to engage the brakes that you have on your trailer. Now because this model does not include a reverse lockout, it is recommended that you equip your trailer with free-backing brakes so that you can drive in reverse without triggering your trailer's brakes. This system features a nice and unique roller design that's going to reduce resistance during telescoping. You have a lot of moving parts in there, so these rollers just help ease that movement.

It's also going to help create straight line movement. This is made from a sturdy steel construction that's going to resist bending and jackknife situations. It's got a standard heavy duty coupler that's built in. The system also has a built-in drop. It's going to give us a drop of 3 inches. The chain is part of the breakaway kit. This portion here would mount to the vehicle and then if for any reason the vehicle and the trailer would disconnect, the chain would become tight, pulling the lever, which would then engage the breaks on the trailer bringing to an eventual stop, so that's a great feature to have. It has a nice zinc plating finish on it that going to help stand up really well against rusting and corrosion.

You can see here that this is a bolt-on installation. It has the bolt-on bracket down here at the bottom. We go over a few measurements with that. That mounting plate is going to give us an overall length of about 8-1/4-inch. You can see that we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 different holes here. These 3 holes are going to be the same size and they're going to give us a diameter of 1/2 inch.

These 2 holes are just slightly bigger and they're going to give us a diameter of 5/8 inch. The distance between these 2 holes is going to measure 1 inch, center on center and those measurements and that pattern is the same on each side. The overall length of this unit gives us is right around 30 inches. Here at the coupler it has a really nice easy latch system. It's also got the built-in holes right here so you can install a coupler pin or a coupler lock. You just pull on this portion here, lift it up, snaps into position that way you can connect or disconnect the hitch ball.

Then when you need to bring it back down to secure it just make sure that little portion there fits in to the slot. Everything should be tight and secured and you should be ready to go. Again, this is designed for hydraulic drum brakes. This is designed to fit in 2-5/16-inch hitch ball. The mounting bracket down here provides us with a width in between that brackets of 3 inches, so this is designed to fit 3-inch wide channel tongues. It's going to offer us a gross weight capacity of 12,500 pounds and a maximum tongue weight of 1,250 pounds. Now the last thing I want to show you is just here at the back, this portion right here is our master cylinder. You can see that it has a little connection here, this is for the brake lines of your trailer. Here at the top, just remove the cap, I had that loosen and uninstalled so I can gain quick access to it, we have a cap that if we can unscrew it, it's going to show us the opening. This is the reservoir for our brake fluid. Right on top of the cap it gives us a warning, it says, "Use only DOT type 3 brake fluid," so it's always going to be a constant reminder. Then you can see here is our reservoir. Cap just screws back down in there and then we have another cap to place over the top to help keep dust and debris from getting in there and it also keeps it off from the master cylinder. That's going to complete today's review of part number T2478100. This is the Titan Zinc-Plated Brake Actuator for 2-5/16-inch hitch balls. .

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