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Review of Titan Trailer Coupler T1777800

Today we'll be reviewing part number T1777800. This is the Titan Adjustable Channel Brake Actuator, designed to work with hydraulic drum brakes. The lunette ring is include. It is a weld-on install and it's rated at 20,000 pounds. The hydraulic actuator is going to synchronize the trailer brakes with you tow-vehicles brakes. When you apply the brakes in your tow-vehicle momentum actually pushes your trailer towards the rear of your vehicle.

What the actuator does is it applies force to his master cylinder which in turns going to supply the necessary hydraulic pressure to engage your trailer's brakes. There is a unique roller design that's created to reduce the resistance during telescoping to create straight line movement. What that means is that the roller system reduces the amount of friction between the two moving steel parts of the coupler. This does come from a really nice sturdy, durable steel construction that's going to help it resist bending in jackknife situations. Here at the front we have an adjustable channel that has three different mounting positions for the coupler. The bolts are included along with the other mounting hardware, you have two bolts and you have two nuts.

You can take the ring and adjust it or whatever attachment you want to use up and down. Again, this one does come with a lunette ring. You have three different mounting options. The distance between our mounting holes is two inches and then the vertical range adjustment here is four inches and that's measuring from the center of the bottom two holes to the center of the top two holes. With the lunette ring taken off of our attachment we have a measurement of twenty six and one quarter inches. If we install the lunette ring back in place we're going to have an overall measurement of thirty two inches.

Also here at the highest point not including the lever but at the highest point here of our coupler from the bottom of the coupler which is where we would weld to the top of that highest point is about six and a half inches. The brake away kit is included, you're going to have the chain and the hook. The hook will attach to your tow-vehicle and in case the trailer would would ever disconnect from the vehicle it would pull the chain tight, pulling up on the lever which would engage the master cylinder which would then activate the trailer brakes bringing it to an eventual stop. Here at the rear we have a cap that gives us access to the screw lid which will allow us to gain access to our brake fluid reservoir. On the back side of the coupler we have an attachment for the brake lines for our trailer directing or mounting directly to our master cylinder. This has a really nice prime painted finish. It is a weld-on install so you need at least a three inch wide trailer tongue in order for this application to work.

The base here on our coupler measures right at four inches. Again, this is designed to work with hydraulic drum brakes. It does have a capacity of 20,000 pounds with a maximum ton weight capacity of 2,000 pounds and because this model does not include a reverse lockout it is recommended that you equip your trailer with free-backing brakes so that you can drive in reverse without triggering your trailer's brakes. Also when installing you want to be sure bleed your brakes that way you can ensure that both the left and right hand side are working properly. That's going to complete our review of part number T1777800. This is the Titan Adjustable Channel Brake Actuator. .

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