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Review of Titan Trailer Brakes T4843500

Today we're going to review part number T4843500. This is the Titan Disc Brake Kit and the Aero 7500 Actuator. This is for a single 3,500-pound axle. This all-inclusive kit has everything you need to switch your trailer over to disc brakes, comes with two disc brake kits, the hub and rotor assemblies, the grease seals, the bearing protectors, races -- the racers are actually pre-installed in the hub and rotors-- and all the bearings, inner and outer bearings. Comes with the calipers with the mounting brackets right here. These brackets are designed to attach to the four-bolt brake flange, so you do need to have the four-bolt brake flange on your axle.

If you don't, we also sell the weld-on brake flanges separately on our website. The hub and rotors and the calipers are all silver cadmium-plated. The Aero 7500 brake actuator, this comes also, this is the hydraulic actuator which will synchronize your trailer brakes with your tow vehicle brakes. Right here at the front, you can see this lock-out. This is actually a manual reverse lock-out. This will let you reverse without actuating your trailer brakes.

That's a pretty easy-to-use lever that will activate the lock-out. You just click in it to activate it, release it to deactivate it. This actuator has zinc plating, which is corrosion-resistant. If you'll notice the wire wrapped around here, this is the break-away kit, which is also included. It is a simple bolt-on installation. Also included is this bag, which is a hydraulic line kit, has the brake lines and fittings for a single axle. Your disc brakes will deliver better performance compared to your drum brakes, gives you more consistent stopping at highway speeds and even shorter stopping distances than most drum brakes.

Again, on this kit, the application is for a single-axle trailer with a 3,500-pound axle. It does use a wheel size of 14 inches to 15 inches. On the hub and rotor itself, does have a diameter of 9 3/4 inches, has a bolt pattern of five on 4 1/2 inches and it is designed to use half-inch lug nuts. On the caliper mounting brackets, they do use the four-bolt brake flange configuration, as I mentioned earlier. You can see that there. On the actuator, it is designed to fit on a two-inch diameter ball size.

It does mount on a three-inch-wide channel tongue trailer. The capacity on this actuator is 7,500 pounds. The maximum tongue weight capacity on the actuator is 750 pounds. Basically, this part number includes everything show here, the actuator, hub and rotors, calipers, brackets, all the bearing seals, bearing protectors and the hydraulic line kit. That should do it for the review on part number T4843500, The Titan Disc Brake Kit with the Aero 7500 Actuator for a single 3,500-pound axle. .

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