Titan Trailer Brakes - Disc Brakes - T4843000 Review

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Review of Titan Trailer Brakes T4843000

Today, we're going to review part number T4843000. This is the Titan Disc Brake Assembly. It's a 10-inch hub and rotor, 5 on 4 and 1/2-inch bolt pattern, silver cadmium finished, and it fits a 3,500-pound axle. Now, this kit shown here can be used either on new-application disc brakes or if you're converting your electric drum brakes to disc brakes. Now, disc brakes will deliver better performance compared to drum brakes. It gives you consistent stopping even at highway speeds and it'll also gives you shorter stopping distances than the drum brakes. There's also lower maintenance costs than for drum brakes because you have fewer moving parts to repair or replace. Now, the set includes everything shown here on the table.

Includes the hub-and-rotor assembly, the cast iron caliper with the mounting bolts and nuts, includes the mounting bracket. As you can see, it fits the 4-bolt brake flange beyond your axle. It also includes these small parts; it includes the grease seal, the bearing protector, inner and outer bearings. The bearing races actually are pre-installed in the hub and rotor. The outer bearing race there, the inner bearing race right there. One other thing, it does also include this adapter port and the banjo bolt with these copper washers, and that's actually what gets screwed into there and your hydraulic line would connect to that.

Now, the silver cadmium plating on the hub and rotor and on the caliper is for increased durability. It's great for saltwater applications. Again, the specs on this is it fits a 3,500-pound axle. It does use a wheel size of 13 inch to 15 inch. Bolt pattern, is a 5 on 4 and 1/2-inch bolt pattern.

The wheel stud diameter is a 1/2 an inch, so it uses 1/2 an inch lug nuts. The overall diameter of the rotor is 9 and 3/4 inches. Again, just to mention, it is for the brake flange configuration of 4 bolt. One last note I want to mention about this, is now, disc brakes, when you switch over require a higher line pressure about 1,500 psi when compared to standard drum brakes. So to achieve this higher pressure, you do need to have a brake actuator in your system that will use a 1,500 psi rating. That should do it for the review on part number T4843000, the Titan Disc Brake Assembly with the 10-inch hub and rotor and the 5 on 4 and 1/2-inch bolt pattern.


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